Ember Court Kick

same happend to me, hope thay reset the quest or somthing.

I got kicked out as well just when the main scenario started.

I got kicked out of the ember court aswell and now i’m locked for the whole week

Same thing just happened to me. Was in the Ember court from 10 seconds before being kicked out, it just said I was removed from the group. I didn’t touch anything.

Got kicked out as well. I think I was in there for ~30 seconds. Talked to the socialites at the start and then got kicked before the next phase is about to start.

Hey everyone!

This is indeed going to be linked to the ongoing instance issues we’re seeing. It’s being looked into but there are no updates for now.

@Ccr - if you’ve opened a ticket reporting the server issues, it’s very likely to be answered way after the server issues are resolved. If you don’t have any further issues that you need assistance with it could be a good idea to close the ticket so that Game Masters can reach other tickets still waiting :slight_smile:

Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime!

Thank you for your swift response. I hope you can sort it. I will keep checking for updates. :slight_smile:

This just happened to me as well, got kicked before the guests even arrived. I tried to reset the quest but it wouldn’t let me and now my weekly is completely and utterly wasted.


Aww dang it. Just happened to me too and i was so hyped for it to start. I hope the problems will be sorted out soon :slight_smile: Can’t wait for next week.

This happened to me as well. Got kicked out 10 sec after joining. I am hoping we get a reset so we don’t lose our weekly progress

Same issues with me, got kicked after 30 secs. Waste of a week

Torghast seems okay again now, you may want to retry

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That’s good news, but do those of us who’ve attempted and lost this week’s Ember Court just… not get to play or receive the rewards. Is there any chance the instance could be reset?


I’m very intrested in this too. Ember court is intresting and nice, but you can enter it only once a week and disconnect or bug like this could ruin your whole weekly progress. I hope for reset.

I too hope for a reset. I look forward to the Ember Court every week. It would be a shame to lose out on progress for something that was out of our hands. A reset would be greatly appreciated.

I too hope for a reset, was really waiting for this week’s court :frowning:

Will we that got kicked be able to redo the scenario this week?

I was kicked too this afternoon. Just went up to Temel to see if the quest is available again, but nope.

Blizz, it goes without saying that we expect a new quest for this week’s Court.
(After all, it wasn’t me who has left the scenario, I was kicked by the game.)

Yeah… I’d appreciate getting my Ember Court run back, thanks.
I was going to hit Honored this go time, and I had just gotten my butler and everything!