Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System Overview

Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System Overview

Get an overview of the new Embers of Neltharion Upgrade System arriving with Dragonflight Season 2 and set yourself up for success in the latest content update.

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i wish the end game had more casual and open world content that is hard but not requires you to spend weeks to get good gear. sad that the open world is only a step before m+ and raids.


its like all Blizz is doing is cater the top 20% of the player base and leave some peanut’s for the casuals who are still by far the majority, so from my point of view big mistake but it will not change as long ppl like Ion are on top.

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You do harder content you get better rewards whats issue here?

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Hi, I have two questions that I would like to ask you :

  • How will we be able to get the new Shadowflame Sparks ? Will it be timegated ?
  • Will it be possible to loot item such as an Veteran 5/8 boots or it will only be Champion 1/8 boots ? Will it always be 1/8 items or will it be random ?
    Thanks !

Just from reading this article it looks a tad complex for my ADHD brain so I’ll see in game how it feels.


It is still better than the M+ centric Valor system

Rewards i dont think are the problem, ffxiv has the same system and works.

Think the problem is there just really aint any content open world wise. They could add forms of difficult content for mount / aesthetical reward

Yeah. I can see what they’re trying to do - they’re trying to get all the +20 players out of +2’s because it’s running the experience for actually newbies because they always get carried.

Even so, it does feel a tad over complicated. Not sure how I’d find it though. What we had isn’t the right model either I feel.

The same issue like it always was since the conception of WoW.
The Open World is just irrelevant fluff after a couple of weeks in an expansion/patch.

This is not necessarily a problem if one sees doing the story as their endgame.
But until the trading post came along, there used to be zero incentives to sub for more than a few months per year to catch up to the story.

Complexity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It looks like they gave a lot of thought to handling peculiar situations like “earning crests from one time quests doesn’t count towards the 10 cap” and such. Usually these would come as fixes 3 weeks into the patch.

The issue i see is for m+ if you’re working your way up and get a BIS wep or trinket at a lower ‘tier’ there’s no way to upgrade to a higher tier (i.e. i get a trinket at +12 it can never go into the +16 tier).

So m+ runners are going to have to farm the same trinket multiple times over rather than upgrade it as you progress up the key levels/score lvls. Which sucks because drop rates aren’t good.

Just seems like a middle finger to m+ runners again.

Maybe it will make more sense when we see it in-game, i’m not happy with yet more stuff to lug around in my bags though, the profession revamp (With its 3 quality-levels for everything) made bag management a pain already…

I like that even open-world players get to work towards improving their gear, i don’t need mythic-raid level items, that being said, some power progression to work on until the next patch is a must.

Forbidden reach was nice, but chasing spawns is repetitive (More so than World quests, which involve different objectives), but on the other hand, it was over pretty quickly, even for a filler patch.

That’s not the case. You can upgrade it to higher tiers, you just need that extra token from the high key also. It can totally be upgraded.

Oh i must have missed that.

Edit: From what ive read you get one of 5 rank nd within those you have levels 1-8. cant see anywhere that says you can upgrade a veteran 8/8 into a champion 1/8.

So essentially if you have a Champion 8/8 item you will have to get the item again at hero rank to be able to lvl it to the max which is hero 8/8.

So yes you’ll have to re-farm the item. for get it at the next rank.

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