Emotional moments in BfA

I cry every time I get into a pointless Island Expedition and I have to spam them since they’re the only good way to level alts when timewalking’s not up.

Most places in Azeroth are like that. Like when you cross over from the Mars-like barrens into the forests of Ashenvale. How long have you been playing WoW?

Its weird… in legion i had many incredible moments… just the memes were really fun!
In bfa i remember the music of boralus, the turtle game with scrollsage nola and the cinematics.
Probably when i saw the turtle loa eaten was my saddest moment in bfa. But nothin mythic i have to say… the wrathgate is too far…

I gotta say i thought i would not have anything emotional to share but then i remembered how they butchered my death knight and all other classes i play with. Was very emotional indeed.


Nah, imo barrens & ashenvale is still borderline good enough. Not even close to as bad, wake up.

Also it makes sense because nelfs live on the other side and the dude in the cave cursed barrens. Also the pigmen probably ate all of the trees…

And why do you hide your profile, are you scared that I make fun of you?

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I got really emotional when Jaina brought the Kul Tiran fleet home.
The Daughter of the Sea tone playing in the background made me almost cry.


you cant include the music and art, which is basically great in every expansion.

BfA has been a flustercuck. the only good things really i would say might be the battle of lorderan (which was actually before BfA even came out? it was the prepatch?) and BoD raid, just for the jaina fight.

BfA has been a terrible part of wow, and has divided the community and created so much infighting between us (nothing to do with the faction war!) when we should be angry and upset with blizzard.

i would hope that the popularity of classic and the bad response to BfA makes 9.0 better, but tbh, i dont think this will be the case. the storyline and atmosphere may be better (like it was in legion) but i would bet that the actual gameplay, mechanics and ethical direction of 9.0 will be just as bad as BfA.

and thats sad :frowning:


I’m still getting very emotional when I remember how much they’ve butchered affliction and how clunky they’ve made the spec with shadow bolt spam. I cry when I remember how awesome it was in Legion, you know, a “master of drains” from the spec’s description.


No. It’s because I was tired of people saying “Oh, but you don’t even have X or Y” when this isn’t even my main. I barely play this guy, but just use it for the forum.

So real life areas don’t have really hot beaches yet same country snow on the mountains year round :sweat_smile: :thinking:

Cinematics, Enviroment and Art-departments holds up realy well as usual, it’s a true shame the gameplay allocated in most zones is shallow and short-lived, such a waste of a good setting.

That said, i did enjoy Mechagon, though that’s honestly about it interms of features added this expansion, downgrade of legion overall asides visualy TBH, i would be more excited about allied races if it wasnt for the fact that leveling is atrocious, and Leveling Classic realy showcases that aspect in a bad way, Heirlooms (never replacing gear leveling) and Teleporting everywhere just kinda ruins the activity of the ingame world.

I usually get emotional when my bonus roll on world boss gives me azzerite.


No emotional moments, liked saurfang storyline but it kinda got ruined when thrall jumped back to business. It was " no no no no not again" moment.

Nothing really hit me in the feels as much as Runas the Shamed. Goodbye, my friend :cry:


Drustvar is perhaps (in my opinion) one of the better zones I’ve quested through. The music and aesthetic was brilliant, and the questline wasn’t honestly that bad.
The Terror of Darkshore cinematic got me pretty hyped.

But that’s about it. The storyline hasn’t been the best this expansion imo.

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I sat out Legion because the aesthetics and theme had absolutely no appeal to me. Have to admit, heading into the pink pyramid for the first time (as Horde, obviously) was pretty cool. The music and visuals made me think “heck yes, came back at the right time.” I felt… triumphant, and glad to be back.

…ok so a few things have popped up since then that made me question it, but I won’t say I hate BfA - I just disagree with some of the design choices and hope they will be rectified in 9.0.

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I can’t say any moments have been “emotional” for me…

Some moments were cool though. Such as Jaina bringing the Kul Tiran fleet home, Mekkatorque detonating the bombs and sinking the Zandalari fleet, Rastakhan making the deal with Bwonsamdi and a few others…

Every time I open Weekly Mythic+ Chest I feel disappointment. That counts as emotional moment right?

When this expansion is finally over, it will be truly emotional.

The emotional moment hit me in the gut when, at level 114, I realised this would be the first expansion in world of Warcraft where I didn’t hit max level. I took one last look at my decimated friends list before I quit and unsubscribed.