Enchanting in Classic

(Darkelth) #1

From what I understand, you can’t enchant scrolls in Classic, you can just directly enchant items in the trade window…?

So is it pointless to have an alt get enchanting to support your main?

(Reconwarrior) #2

im pretty sure scrolls / vellums were added in wrath

(Pinan) #3

Yes pointless to have alt. You can only enchant in trade window. Which is GOOD and part of classic that shouldn’t be CHANGED

(Bigkeg) #4

If your alt will be on a different account and multiboxing will be allowed then it would work. Still he would need rep-gated or raid-gated recipes to be of any real use.

Other usage for enchanting on a bank alt is DE any BoE as even “1” in that skill allows to DE anything.

(Darkelth) #5

Thanks for the responses.

Are any enchanting mats BoP?

(Bigkeg) #6

nope, and they don’t have a vendor value so putting them on AH is free of fees.

(Pinan) #7

I forget - can you enchant a BOE item and send it to an alt on classic? That could be a method round it?

(Bigkeg) #8

Yes you can do that.

(Darkelth) #9

Thanks again for all the answers.

(Shimia) #10

And here we go with lies, in classic you needed skill to de stuff, lvl 1 was for the start of the game items, if you wanted to get higher mats you needed to have higher skill.

Like it should be even in normal wow.


Things you should know about old enchanting:

  1. You cannot disenchant high level gear without having appropriate skill. That means even for disenchanting you need to actively level up profession.

edit: I’m wrong about disenchanting. See Bigkeg’s post below.

  1. Trainer is in dungeon. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. To level up enchanting you need to visit trainer that is located in Uldaman. Its a real pain.

  2. No scrolls. You have to enchant gear directly by using trade window.

  3. Most recipes are useless. Ones that are really good require massive rep grind, raid drops or dungeon drops. That means you have to actively play character in order to get something good and you have to level up to max skill without making any gold. Its a money pit and its not alt friendly. You can offer free enchants when leveling it up, sometimes people will tip you for it and that’s the only way to return a bit of money from investment.

(Bigkeg) #12

It was changed in patch 2.0.1. Before that you did not needed higher skill.


You can always make an alt with enchanting and post in trade window which enchants you have available, when someone wants to buy any you go relog and done. Like it was done in vanilla :slight_smile:

(Frostypop) #14

No, just no…

All you need is a lvl 5 character.


Correct, better mats are from disenchanting better ilvl gear, not dependand of your enchanting skills. But you need proper enchanting skill to disenchant higher ilvl items though :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(Frostypop) #16

Not true…


That is true. You can’t have an alt at level 10 which is getting greens or blues from main and disenchant them at 10 skill level for example.

(Frostypop) #18

HAHA, keep spreading lies, maybe back yourself up with some facts. you’re looking rather dumb now.



Look at this and stop instulting people smarter than you

(Frostypop) #20

Look at the first comment, smart person!