Enchanting in Classic

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To clarify:
You need level 5 to learn enchanting.
You can disenchant EVERYTHING with any skill
You can only enchant BOP through the Will Not Be Traded trade window
You can’t vendor enchanting materials, so they have no deposit fee on the AH

(Bigkeg) #39

Hackers log in on peoples accounts, learn enchanting on every geared toon, DE all epics, send the mats, profit. One of reason it was changed back then in TBC prepatch.

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Oh alrite. Reasonable enough.


Don’t you think hacking account these days is also possible and they will do exactly same thing to prevent this?

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Think? they have said themself they won’t. maybe look at some of the dev, watercoolers. Before sh**posting.


Man, calm down. Stop spreading toxicity over forums. There is no point in being rude. Go play some basketball to use some rage-energy you use here.

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Maybe stop being toxic yourself… spreading lies, keep being ignorant and keeping up your troll act.

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Most active I’ve seen he forum in weeks lol - we need information from blizz to finalise things. I didn’t remember disench as a separate skill but part of enchanting level!?

Levelling enchanting was tough to say the least and needed to be paired with tailoring to DE greens right ?

(Frostypop) #46

Yes, Disenchanting comes with the package of enchanting.

Leveling enchanting is best paired with tailoring, but its certainly not easy to level, the enchanting trainer for 225+ is also located inside the uldaman dungeon which can be, depending on class, hard to reach solo.


Oh. Well, I consider that a bug. Guess that bug will be in Classic.

(Thedarknes) #48

I played enchanter in vanilla and im pretty sure that be4 TBC you didden need skill lvl to DE any item. i allways found it strange cause orther gathering skillz had skill lvl to follow,

(Bigkeg) #49

Something that allows funneling resources. You need a character or friend or AH that can dump like skins or cloth into gear, farm some dungeon/rare mob dropping high level blues etc. If you have excess gold you can buy all mats needed to level it up, get rare recipes and just live from enchanting fee (but there are still oils as a consumable or DE mats as an income from AH).

A mage is good with tailoring as mage can AoE farm humanoids for cloth. Single target classes, even tanky ones can focus on farming blues into large brilliant shards or leatherworking into Cenarion Circle blue bracers into those shards. And there could be more to that.

Also people going enchanting do that close to max level while having 2 gathering professions while leveling for income/vendor income/future professions.

Depends. It was a new game, not everything was polished/thought over and over and there was less power-play knowledge so over-benefiting from no-skill-DE wasn’t something was quickly noticed back then. That change was likely mostly to patch-up that hacking profitability.


Im laughing so hard at people calling everything they dont like a bug. There was a huge thread over at classicwow reddit about Seal of Righteousness proccing on hit effects being a bug despite the 1.9 patch notes clearly indicating it was intended, and no evidence in the world could convince those people otherwise.

Some people were just born to be idiots I guess.


The only ones complaning will be the people who watched very old enhancement shamen videos and though that was current as of 1.12 - after then weapon speed nerf, sorry “normalization” and windfury getting an internal cooldown to prevent it procc’ing off it self that’s just not possible.


It’s definetly not pointless. Say you are lucky enough to get one of the server-first MC-formulas… You’d be rich hanging around on the IF square/Org bank roof-top spamming the trade channel.

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If it’s not allowed they can kiss my 5 subs goodbye :stuck_out_tongue:


It was not a bug. There was even a post at the time explaining the reason for the change which was related to account hijacking. Hacked accounts could retrain to enchanting and disenchant a players entire gear and send it off.

This obviously lead to more work for Blizzard customer support during account recovery to return items so the decision was made to create a requirement for disenchanting.

I was originally going to comment so suggest Blizzard may decide to reimplement this for the same reason, however with 2FA and accounts generally being more secure these days they may not.

One person has said that in a Dev Watercooler that they won’t be changing disenchanting requirements but I’ve not seen the source for myself.

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It will be curious to see the effectiveness and dedication needed to efficiently multibox in Classic. A lot of things aren’t shared between group members.


But that was also true during TBC and Wrath. Both those expansions had a very popular multiboxing scene.


Having an alt ench is pretty useful but not for enchanting others. Remember, you don’t need to be max lvl or max lvl proff in Vanilla to shard stuff, so you get an alt, learn enchanting and send all your BoE greens and Blues to them. Shard shard shard and use the materials or sell them :wink:

It’s what I do whenever I lvl an alt, easy way to get more large brilliants while you are spamming dungeons for your pre-bis!