Enchanting leveling or vendoring ?


I’m planning on playing a warlock with tailoring and enchanting as primary professions . and of course I’ll need lots of gold and to save up what I already acquired for riding skill and such. so, my question is, is it better to disenchant the greens I get for enchanting mats and leveling it up ( as well as wands and such ) or should I vendor the greens for currency? any input would be appreciated :slight_smile: . thanks


I think disenchanting armor and accessories and stuff is worth it. But maybe just vendor weapons since they sell for a lot. You can always sell off your extra dust and essences.


would someone actually buy the mats ? we’d all be starting and i doubt anyone has the money to buy. right ?


There are gonna be a bunch of people buying up all they can so they can flip and control the market. Almost everything will sell low at the beginning but there’s a reason why people hoard all they can and saturate the market once it settles.


sounds about right , thanks man :slight_smile:


enchanting mats are a boom income later when ppl lvl alts and want enchanters them selfs why grind mats if they on the ah ?.


Get an addon that will tell you the vendor price of the item so you can weigh its value when you sell it vs when you disenchant it. Don’t just vendor OR disenchant every item. If a green is worth like 15s at a vendor, then sell it. If it’s maybe 1 or 2 silver, then maybe disenchant it. I also suggest you check the value of disenchant mats on AH and see if the mats you get from disenchanting are worth more than the item itself when vendoring it. You’ll catch up on your disenchanting level, believe me, don’t worry about it. Hope this somewhat helped!


that’s the demographic i’m looking for . rich :smiley:


rich comes later with transmutes of arconites btw and flasks :smile: but thats another story.


go skinning
sell all leather untill you get 40+ items and then sell it


People are going to forget to level their professions and rush to 60.
They won’t want to go back and farm lower levels right away, so you cash in on their laziness.


sounds good money wise but what about enchanting ? i’d need enchanting of course and it’s a money maker later on. also going back to low level dungeons to farm greens for DE is gonna be tedious and time consuming ( not in a fun way )


What I am going to say is known but just keep your mind open.

Unless you have a alt to farm the materials you will always need a gathering and a crafting profession, so Enchanting and tailoring are the best combo, even if you do farm dungeons or mobs for the drops it will not be as much as tailor can do.
So when you farm dungeons you will also farm Cloth that you will use on tailoring and disenchant afterwards.

Enchanting is a pain to level, not having a crafting profession to feed enchanting you will have to live from AH or hardcore farming (you can always send cloth to the tailor and send emails back to the enchanter but remember of the BOP´s epics and so on).


As a warlock you’ll need a lot less cash while leveling, due to your 40 mount beeing a small quest line. In that sense you can level your proffesions first, and because of it make money off of it, that will help you to fund other things like saveing up for epic mount.

In anycase after your proffessions are leveled, most disenchanted materials tend to be higher value then random suffixes like “wolf” " gorilla" " falcon" For most only eagle, owl bear and monkey are intresting. you could opt disenchanting the rest, and try selling the rest.

Vendoring vs selling your disenchanted materials is never going to be more profitable, but it is faster in getting your gold then trough trade chat or auctionhouse


yeah you guys are right .i’ll just stick to tailoring and enchanting . and selectively DE greens . thanks a lot


Glad to help

BTW there are prime tailoring items that grant prime enchanting materials in specific item levels.
Check those up or just go and have fun

PS: Just waiting for classic class forums and professions

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