End Game for None Raiders SUCKS!


Is it just me, or do most people fall into this routine at end game eventually?!..

Step 1) Log in
Step 2) Check mission table. Send followers off on new missions.
Step 3) Check/Complete the three daily quests for Darkshore donations.
Step 4) Check mini map & complete desired world quests &/or assults
Step 5) Complete one random heroic &/or island expedition.
Step 6) Think about repeating step 5, OR consider step 4 again, OR consider suffocating yourself with an onion sandwich… Sometimes the later seems more appealing.
Step 7) If you have alts, switch to another character & repeat steps 1 through 6.
Step 8) Log out.

Does anyone actually enjoy logging in, checking the mini map for random locations to head out to, completing repeats of random objectives, for random gear rewards that you may or may not want?! I’m usually only doing it for rep &/or artefact power, & maybe the slim chance of a random ilevel upgrade…

The end game design seems quite shallow & lacks structure or a worth while goal…

EDIT ===========================================================

So here’s what I use to do at end game & what I would consider Structured with worth while goals…

TBC (I mained a Protection Warrior)
I farmed dungeons until I had a complete set of dungeon set 3… I had to do full clears of Shadow Labyrinth at least 15 to 20 times just for the dungeon set 3 shoulders to drop… & YES, it really was full clears… The 1st boss would fear the group, so you had to clear the whole room just in case someone got feared into uncleared trash. Then if you didn’t clear out all the trash before pulling the 2nd boss, the whole room would aggro. I lost count how many times I ran Steam Vaults to obtain dungeon set 3 gloves, I also farmed Heroic Mechanar on a daily basis for a shot at the ‘Sun Eater’, an epic 1H tanking sword… It never dropped.

I worked on various reputations, hit exalted with the Shar’tar to buy an Epic shield. After Ilse of Quel’Danas was released I worked on earning rep with the Shattered Sun Offensive, eventually reaching exalted via dailies & grinding Magister’s Terrace. Back then you also needed to have honoured reputation with various factions, such as Lower City, Thrallmar & Cenarion Expedition to name a few, to be able to buy heroic key stones which were required just to be able to enter a dungeon on Heroic mode. Also if I remember rightly you needed be revered or exalted with Aldor OR Scryers to be able to buy head &/or shoulder enchants.

I levelled the Engineering profession to max & farmed at least 90% of the materials myself, mainly because I sucked at working the auction house & never had any gold. I crafted ‘Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer’ an epic gun which was pretty good for tanks back in the day. I also went out of my way to complete various attunements & obtained most, if not all keys… Shattered Halls, The Arcatraz & Karazhan.

On a final note it took me months to farm gold & save up for my first epic flying mount… So yeah that kept me busy for several months on one character alone. No need to play loads of alts, though I did find time to level a Paladin on the Alliance side. No need to collect mounts, one or two was enough. No need to chase achievements, simply because they didn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Punyelf) #2

I’m guessing you don’t like mythic plus?

(Bigkeg) #3

M+, ranked PvP, big money big scale economy, achievements/collecting, social, helping new players… It was different in the past but still there are differen’t options for endgame.

(Uldurin) #4

Are you a old player or a newcomer?


Well, if you make a checklist, then game will be that :slight_smile:
As people stated above, there is PvP, M+, collecting. But, if you dont find any of that interesting or fun, then this game dont have anything to offer for you i guess.

Right now, i do enjoy playing WoW expecially on my warlock. I do progress raiding and m+ with my guildies and have quite fun doing it. But, as i always say, once this game gets boring, i will just stop playing it, make a break or whatever.


^^ Not really… I don’t see the enjoyment of running through a dungeon with a rocket up your a**, deliberately skipping as much as possible.

I like & want challenging, hard content out side of raids… But slapping a time limit on things is a very artificial & uninteresting way to increase difficulty.


M+ is not just time limit, it is challenging. Mechanics that you would ignore can one shot you if the key is high enough. Trash mechanics also matter more and sometimes you will need to CC.

M+ is fun and challenging, although not as fun as it was in Legion.

(Chocoh) #10

Sucks for raiders too bro…

Exact same as above, but something to do 6 hours a week more. Still bored s***less the other 40 hours a week I play…

Hence why I’m an apex/anthem and rarely log on wow anymore.

(Kátárinä) #11

Pushing mythic +.

(Punyelf) #12

That description made me smile :laughing:

(Chocoh) #13

That’s fun for a weekend till your 405+ ilevel. Then it’s just doing keys for the sake of it. The exact same ones we’ve done 100+ times each dungeon. With below a 1% chance of items titanforging.

(Jurgenhan) #14

You only have 280 achievements, there are plenty of achievements you can work on. Plus there is the current holiday events, not to mention you can farm mounts, mogs, toys, and pets. You could also work on loremaster if you do not have it. So there is plenty to do if you have not did it already.


Now that I have my beautiful Priestess’ Moonsaber mount, I’m logging in mostly for the WPvP (until the new patch comes out).


I suggest joining Random Battlegrounds, i was always keeping myself from PvP cuz i was constantly dying because of better skilled people. Now with all this scalling i can kill better geared players, and keep getting fun even if im dead from another enemy :slight_smile: PvP also makes you know your spec better, you must utilize all of skills/spells to win :slight_smile: You can also unlock flying in WoD and Legion if you didn’t before. It takes much time, but it’s worth it.


1) I already have Loremaster. :wink:
2) I have like 3 or 4 accounts… This account just happened to have a character on that I fancied playing. So I actually have more achievement points than you would think.
3) I find it quite comical… My closing statement was, “The end game design seems quite shallow & lacks structure or a worth while goal…” to which you suggest chasing achievements. :stuck_out_tongue:

^^ If I wanted that kind of content, I would go & play Diablo 3 & push for higher key stones… I don’t really want or expect that for my World of Warcraft game play. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like you put too much time in game, try to take a break, do some IRL activities and after some time you won’t get bored so fast.


Oh don’t worry, those accounts have been inactive for years. I’ve just returned after a 2 year break from the game & this was the account I bought the BFA upgrade for & renewed my subscription on.


I know how you feel, but that’s how daily activities are. I’ve started to do legion stuff, then i plan to do WoD etc. Gold from quests, fun achievments, mounts and stuff. You can also try some Role Playing if you have proper friends, or you are on proper realm :slight_smile:

(Goreeth) #21

The only thing in common between your routine and mine are steps 1 and 2. Thats it. After that I go for M+ runs, which I like a lot and find pretty challenging, with my pals. So no, the end game doesn’t suck for me, I enjoy it.

(Kooki) #22

I actually like doing this type of content cause I find it relaxing. I’ve always enjoyed playing out in the world more than inside instances. :blush: