<EndGame>Skullflame is recruiting

EndGame is a guild of mature players with the goal of experiencing the true vanilla.
We have a core group of veterans spread out from vanilla to retail.
We are clearing all current content in 1 raid and we would like to strenghthen a bit our raiding core ahead of Black Wing Lair

What to expect?

We raid 3 times a week during progress.
You can expect knowledagble leading and a whole lot of fun.
We aim to be casual while at the same time raiding as serious as our adult lifes will allow us.

What will we expect from you?

Be somewhat social. When raiding you will be expected to bring your own potions and consumables and put you game face on.
BiS gear is something we will NEVER enforce, but be wary, drops from raids are far and few apart, so upgrading gear outside of raids if needed greatly helps you and the whole raid.

Loot system:

DKP Min bid
Raid schedule:


To see mroe details about us and apply visit www.EndGameGuild.eu

Regards !

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