Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

New accessibility updates allow you to further enrich your gameplay in World of Warcraft. Check them out!

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More options are always good! :slight_smile:


Very good indeed! Next update should be UI :slight_smile:

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text to speech sounds like fun
now i get to hear my m+ team’s insults in my ears for true immersion



Lots of reports coming in with delays in UI frames and mouse click targetting now. It sticks to last target leading to miscasts. Making high end pvp tough see below. I noticed this so much now. Please fix if possible

Standard raid UI - Support / Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

So ummmm.
Mouseover macros are dead?

“We’ve added a shorthand for the /readycheck command, and you can now simply type /rc to access the same command.”

at least they are working on the important stuff…

bind spells to mouse clicks (and mouse roll up/down) is possible for years. you just bind the mouse click to a button with a spell on it. i use it to interrupt.

Thank you for integrating Clique into WoW. Can you now do the same for action bars and let us move them around so we can stop needing addons in WoW…?

I came back to WoW a week ago and when I realized that I cannot even heal LFR without Clique I just went back offline. Now that this is solved let people move their action bars freely. Most people only want to move their action bars, not everyone uses ElvUI and has 500 addons. Just let us move the bars just like in FFXIV.

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from what I can tell these need mouse clicks (plus optional modifiers like shift, alt etc.) whereas mousover macros can be triggered by any key from actionbars. plus those can target characters, these only raid frames or unit frames.
I guess it’s a nice addition for people who want to fully rely on the vanilla interface (though I think it’s pointless to expect blizzard to incorporate the insane amount of customization provided by addons into the default UI)

Appreciate the update however I am confused as to how we managed to get to the Lords of Dread fight which involve interaction between your team in order to decide who the bosses are attached to, (it is the same as Mekkatorque in BOD) without this being flagged by the team focussed on accessibility.
It is fun to see but there are people who play that cannot speak (through impairment or even a language barrier) or have hearing impairments. Ideally the likes of the voting WA that is being used by guilds should have been built into the fight rather than assuming that all people could be involved.

It shouldn’t be up to the player base to make content accessible to all.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this amazing Text-to-speech feature. I’m legally blind and now I can follow guild chat, and talk to raid members that don’t have a microphone! I am actually amazed how well this feature works and I hope you continue to support it and do more things like this to make the game more accessible for players like me.

If I could suggest an added feature, it would be great to be able to add personal text filters for stuff I don’t want the TTS to read (like addon text). it would make this feature even more awesome.

So happy to see more focus on accessibility - thank you again.

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