Enough is enough, please remove warriors mobility

Can never escape from him no matter what, i port he leaps, i gate he leaps and charges, wtf is this… His dmg is insane, whoever has warrior on his team wins the match.

PLEASE TUNE IT DOWN 30% ATLEAST, why do every single melee class ( especially warrior ) have 3-5 interrupts ? kick, stun, sap, blind, fear, i can barely cast 1-3 times in the whole match and im dead, no point in playing…

Atleast mages have 5 blinnks and roots, perfect class to counter warrior, what do i get as a warlock ? a silly coil and he is right back on me, even amp curse exhaust dont help

Everyone i know rerolled warrior cause how easy and faceroll it is, 2-4 buttons and win win win win



Honestly lol even with blinks the mages in top arena had to kite melees 99% of the time unable to cast anything but instants, while melees could have 99% uptime and do damage all the time. XD


There is 1 war in awc this far though? And they’re out already :d

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Nerf warrior, let me just, HAHAHHAAHHA

There must be a reason why half the bg teams in leveling bgs are arms warriors.

I mean, there are so many specs, but 50% happen to be just one spec.

Yeah, arms warriors are fine, the fotminfants are rerolling arms because its a fun spec.

This post is embarrassing you can still remove it


It’s a strong spec that requires minimal effort to reach near its peak

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It’s even worse than cata where warriors could bug charge upwards and such…

Their sustain damage is insane, they dont need to pop burst to do some serious dmg throughout the whole match

Every single match i’ve played, warriors has been top dmg / top sustain, they can’t be peeled…

Just Q another one and guess what ? 2 warriors again…

I LOVE to play warlock, but it’s unbearable

The only thing worth nerfing about warrior is the spear’s crit modifier and trinket not able to get ppl out
Geez at least target on the correct stuff…

Must be warrior problem, not your bad luck q-ing into 2 class that were always pain in warlock’ äß

Guess all warriors/melee should go out complaining the games we faced 3 casters

Speaking of which give me 1 more warrior in my every game, wouldn’t mind enjoyingfree win against those dude who picked IP without casting them once

Ten char

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As a spellcaster, have you tried one shotting the warrior through all his defensives? It works, trust me.


I mean, remove rogue from those games, they would roflstomp other team. Warrior was doing insane dmg. As much as I hate warriors I was rooting for that team, because it was so obvious how much more effort they needed to put in to win, compared to RP or RM…


Mobility is crazy i dont know why it happend but is kinda funny that soulshape and dubbelgate was taken away from destro but they Added mobility to classes that already had it

I don’t even know at this point anymore how many times it has been explained here that AWC representation does not reflect the live ladder…

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