Erakvegen is what now?

(Shammoz) #6

Rofl! Radio X used to do a quiz, “Ikea or Cheese”… they would read out words that could be Ikea items or a cheese and you had to guess, it was hilarious! :slight_smile:

Edit: There is an online version!
(Sorry for offtopic)


Erik Vegan doesn’t like it when you decapitate defenseless plants in cold blood.

(Aundra) #8

55% :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for offtopic :stuck_out_tongue:

let’s write something about the topic :stuck_out_tongue: I try googling it and no result came out, so it must be a bug.

(Shammoz) #9

Yeah I tried that too, and ran it through google translate just in case. It has to be a bugged addon in my opinion.


um sorry all, just spotted that it was my demons name … I … erm … sorry, Im only just trying out demonology now, normally play affliction with demon sacrifice … sighs … ill get me coat

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I imagine all this time your demon was just trying to get you to notice him :slight_smile:


I’m glad you managed to solve this pet peeve. :sunglasses:

(Bloodlock) #14

This is somehow cute and funny. :rofl:

(Shammoz) #15

What’s also funny is so far 32 people have clicked the link to the Ikea or Cheese quiz! :slight_smile:

(Bloodlock) #16

I only knew the “Ikea furniture or black metal band” one. :grin:

Gonna try the cheese one when i am home tho. :grinning:

(Moothilda) #17

I shop a lot in Ikea and I eat a lot of cheese, but that quiz was harder than I thought :blush:

(Wwhelp) #18

Clearly not enough of either. tsk!

(Moothilda) #19

I know :cry:
I will go in a bootcamp to read up on Ikea furniture and cheese, I will never fail like this again :rage:

(Wwhelp) #20

Don’t just read up on the table. Be the table! Only then will you reach true mastery.

(Moothilda) #21


Such wisdom

I will do as you teach me sensei

I am a :file_cabinet:

(Wwhelp) #22

That’s a cupboard.

(Moothilda) #23

I wanted to be a meatball, but that emoji isn’t there… That was the most Ikea’ish I could find…

Maybe cheese is the path I should go :thinking:

I am a porter-:cheese:

(Wwhelp) #24


1234more chars

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