Error 132 while entering the order hall for my warlock on all my warlocks so it;s just that zone

So i’ve been trying to keep up with my order hall on my warlock, i always keep on doing order halls on any character i play, it’s a connection to the best time of my life and i want to keep atleast some of it alive but now i cant enter on warlock. can i post a picture here of the error? to the right i get a pictue of your topic is similar to but that doesnt fix mine though i’ll have a look

i have not been able to get in contact about this with a single GM and i’m frustrated about it it’s just the yellow pages

That’s because GM’s don’t fix bugs. The developers do.

You need to report the issue to the Developers, not the GM’s. That is done via the in-game bug reporting tool.

Open the in-game support page by clicking on the red ? and choosing SUPPORT.
Click the TOP LEFT picture labelled “Submit feedback or bug report”
Follow the on-screen instructions.

You will NOT receive a reply, but the developers will get your bug report.

can we fix this, i was still using our hall …

Also fix maiev too while at it

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