Error132 - my game keeps crashing

Trying to leveling my alts and game keeps crashing in Legion zones. When i try to enter Aszuna portal or my characters class halls, portals are totally broken and needs to be fixed. It’s sad that i can’t still play content which i enjoy.


same here…

Have the same issue, can’t even really begin the Legion campaign as I need to get my artifact weapon, and the Holy Priest artifact quest requires me to go through a legion portal, which causes this error as soon as I step through. Worst part is, I can’t even abandon the quest to go back and try for the Discipline/Shadow artifact instead so I’m stuck unable to proceed.

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i have the same error is so frustrating

I have the same problem. My warlock is stuck in the class order hall. Can’t even log in. Keep crashing every time.

you can go to click on character stuck etc then follow up with advice number 3 and you’ll be playing again in no time

It is a known issue, a lot of tickets on us wow forums about this. According to this Blue Post it should be fixed, but i do not know if only in us realms or in eu too.
I think i will wait tomorrow to try.

Did try that the other day. Didn’t work.

Cheers. Will try later when come home from work.

Problem have been fixed! Thank the fel!

I am having the same problem with my priest for about a week, can’t get the holy artifact weapon, can’t abandon the quest either. Haven’t checked today though to see if it is fixed.

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