Essences Feedback - Damage Essences

In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the damage dealer Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Blood of the Enemy
  • Condensed Life-Force
  • Essence of the Focusing Iris
  • Purification Protocol
  • The Unbound Force

You are talking so much about player agency in the past days. And yet you think it’s necessary to lockout Essences to specific roles instead of leaving these decisions to the players. Unlock DPS essences to tanks and healers. Or to say it in your own words from one of your most recent posts:

Philosophically, when we add customizable systems and bonuses to the game, some player-discovered experience is exactly the sort of thing we’re hoping will happen. Even when we didn’t anticipate all the details of an optimized build—arguably especially when we didn’t anticipate all the details—it produces a chance for players to explore something cool and rewarding.


I’m a feral cat. 9/9m, 2600 Rio.

  • Blood of the Enemy:

Very strong. Much stronger than others in past raid tests.
Major - is ideal for burst classes. On tests, people gave out 80-100k dps. Even the cat had a good burst.

Minor - is probably the best of all essences. Perfectly fits the myth +.

  • Essence of the Focusing Iris:

Major - looks good. Perhaps you need to speed up the recovery of ability, if only 1 target is touched.
Minor - is weak, does not meet the dynamics of the myth +. Perhaps you need to swap minor with Blood of the Enemy.

  • Purification Protocol:

After a lot of changes, it looks average. Perhaps somewhere will be used.

  • The Unbound Force:

Minor - tick bleed not stacks buff. 4-5% uptime buff for 5 minutes of battle at the feral cat. Almost useless.

  • Condensed Life-Force:

Major - weak.
Minor - weak.

Dear ,
Community Manager Aerythlea
Are u asking us for feedback after character and essences wipe on ptr ?
Not to mention in some casesy,no way to get them back( Condensed Life-Force)
Proving grounds are not good way to test anything .

Ok almost all my feedback is base on pre ptr wipe iteration of a test realm and mage pov:

    • Blood of the Enemy
      Major -absoluty bonkers for burst in ST and AoE but dependent on a class as mage i have a lot of fun with it .
      Minor - is ok powerfull pasive with chance to affect gamplay.
    • Condensed Life-Force
      Major-hmm hard to say is just another cd to line up with 3 min cd’s and by that have potential to be bis 4 some classes
      Minor-RNG casino - bad one.
    • Essence of the Focusing Iris
      Major-Good,Fun and Visual top tier can’t wait to annihilate packs of mobs with it on m+ or see some new 3xdps Focusing Iris tactics xD
      Minor-passive small buff and for slow attack spec like fmage with glacial is just not going to work.
    • Purification Protocol
      Major-AoE Visual blast.In terms of dmg weak compare to other ones but it have instant killing proc,stun and dmg inc for aberrations so can be good for some dungeons.
      Minor-good or maby even bis in AoE for some classes.
    • The Unbound Force
      Major-INTRESTING from gameplay perspectiv together with minor is adds a spell and buff tracking to ur rotation(using it only with 100%crit buff from minor)
      Minor-buff to track and peps who have option to take advantage of it will be having some fun :stuck_out_tongue:
  1. Blood of the Enemy
    Very good essence so far, hopefully not a lot of further changes are needed. So far you have nerfed the crit by 10%. One problem I can see is that all ranged will need to be in close ranged to the boss to use it, which can be bad experience on some bosses middle of the night. Perhaps make it 12 yards from a target we are targeting. Both MAJOR and MINOR are good effects.

  2. Condensed Life-Force
    Major- It’s interesting with the volley from the guardian, but I’m not convinced this is superior cd. Before in my opinion was better (5 min with reduction each time the spike from the minor procs). 3 min is a lot for what the major effect does.
    Minor- Passive, but pretty decent. Not a lot else to say.

  3. Essence of the Focusing Iris
    Definitely the changes made the minor more interesting than before(It was pretty boring with just stacking haste). Now there is flavor to the minor effect. Major 1.1 sec cast I don’t know about that. Damage is good though.

  4. Purification Protocol
    Major- Perhaps it’s trying to achieve too many things at the same time. Maybe remove the stun and increase the damage or how it deals the damage. When enemy dies forces it for bad usages to kill something so you can get more damages on the others. Forces a style of sniping, but rather unhealthy one. Maybe make it if you kill something with the proc as well so it doesn’t feel the need to cast it always towards when something is about to day so you can benefit from that.
    Minor- Pretty poor after the initial nerfs. Yeah damage was too too big, but atm it doesn’t proc often enough and damage is miniscule from what it was. Even on aoe is pretty poor performing effect. In my opinion at least make it viable option when classes need sustain aoe or if player wants to be the aoe-er in a m+ group etc.

  5. The Unbound Force
    Major- CD is good, range is good, instant cast always good, shame it has not flavor past being some fancy single target damage. Maybe when it crits to hit a second target etc. or even better to increase the duration of the crit buff from the minor, that will make it so you need to cast it in the crit buff and make it slightly flavorable.
    Minor- After the nerfs that single ability cannot trigger it more than once(ofc it was OP) it needs to be balanced with longer duration. 5 secs it’s too little to achieve anything especially on some of the casters (I don’t even wanna start on casting over 2secs cast in 2019 MMO game and then casters aren’t popular)

They all seem to be very good in their own way which i like a lot.

Blood of my Enemy seems to be very very strong for some classes and therefore a must have for most.
Reaching “Battlefield: Master” (50k Honor in RBG or PVP Island) for Rank 3 of this Essence, seems to force people too much into this content (we talking around…20h +).
Maybe changing the value to a lower one or change the requirement completly?


Was really excited about Blood of the Enemy essence.
Why is it so disgusting to farm as pve player… to use for it?
Never been at any pvp activity throughout BFA, have no idea how long does it take to farm 50k honor, but its definitely not a few hours of random BGs… Not even tens of hours…
Completely frustrated, as always when forced to pvp as pve player. Thought BG win for pandaria cloak was bad.

Also not shared to alts.

Haha, rip life