Essences Feedback - Healer Essences

In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the healing Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Artifice of Time
  • The Ever-Rising Tide
  • Life-Binder’s Invocation
  • The Well of Existence
  • Vitality Conduit

I have tested the resto druid essences, well, in essence (get it?), all of the other healers’ essences.

I have tried, as best as I could to separate myself from bias and take into account the fact that not many people realize: 99,9% of the playerbase (as per assumed Legion numbers which put WoW at ~7-8M subs, derived from investor relations papers) is not interacting with the game at a meaningful level (as per WoWP / Raider/io total data of guilds that have cleared what I strongly know to be “more than super casual”), meaning, they couldn’t care less about M raiding, higher keys or so; as such, I’ve reached the following conclusion:

Blizzard, I love you and I’m not sure how to say this without sounding condescending but you had 9 months now to patch the mess that came with BfA’s completely uninteresting gameplay.

tl;dr: Spec-specific essences that modify your gameplay or people won’t care. At all.

BfA is the best expansion, or rather, it could’ve been: you fixed all the issues with legendaries - the randomness and gave us traits, yet you forgot to make them legendary-like, you removed sets, but traits – again, you forgot to make them interesting.

I was hoping so much that essences would change this and first time I heard about them I was like “HOLY SH THIS IS IT BOYS PACK IT UP WE LEGION NOW”, only to be left disappointed on Sloot’s stream when he was reading them up: Boring, non-class changing, general essences.

Nor the casual players, nor the people at the top can love a game if it’s not interesting. These essences don’t make you think, they enable power plays such as pulling big in a M+ key, but let’s face it, you know very well you’ll nerf them and they’d work like this if BfA wasn’t a clustermess of trash in keys.

The essences are non-spec specific and as such, they are completely uninteresting.

You had the perfect expansion, the perfect layout: no more rng, get currency and buy what you want, yet you forgot the most important piece – actually giving a reason for all these changes.

People wouldn’t have cared, they would’ve just farmed IEs or whatever it was if it meant their spec-specific essences would get more empowered by time, as it was in Legion.

In fact, BfA is identical to Legion or even bigger in terms of content, yet, again, there’s no reason to interact with these systems such as warfronts, IEs and such because the end goal isn’t there.

The expansion is over by now and it doesn’t matter anymore but in my humble opinion, you could try to do right by the people in 8.3 by giving us legendary-like traits. A lot of them.

Good luck.

Healer essence: The Ever-Rising Tide for holy paladin – major ability from this (Overcharge Mana, spellid 296072) currently doesn’t grant a stack of the 4% healing increase (spellid 299624) when using Crusader Strike (spellid 35395).

This makes the essence basically never worth using for holy paladin given the (from Blizzard for 8.2 accepted) dominance of the Glimmer of Light build.