Essences Feedback - Multiple Role Essences

In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the multi-role Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Conflict and Strife
  • The Crucible of Flame
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams
  • Ripple in Space
  • Vision of Perfection
  • Worldvein Resonance

Engine is missing, crucible is severely undertuned and the new minor effect is very underwhelming compared to the previous iteration of 10% damage and crit

Arms vision of perfection seems like 1st april joke now

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  • Vision of Perfection

At the moment Berserk feral cat is very weak ability.
Does not work correctly with Incarnation: King of the Jungle.

Unchanged abilities Berserk will be weak

  • Memory of Lucid Dreams

Major - Cooldown too long for feral cat.
Minor - Good. Perhaps you need to improve the frequency proc.

  • Conflict and Strife

Leader of the Pack should be the basic talent of the spec feral cat. Perhaps without heal in pve.


Like it’s about damn time already…

Give us more choices for this essence and avoid the ones that may prove too broken in PvE (example : greater pyro for fire mages or tanks’ +15% damage taken on targets). That should be easy to do.

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I don’t think you should cave in and remove some of the allegedly OP talents you can get from Conflict and Strife. It’s a fun idea that shouldn’t be ruined because some people don’t want to PvP.

I’m confused at the comment Sigma made about Leader of the Pack being “overpowered and problematic”, it was literally a Feral Druid baseline passive just a few expansions ago.

Vision of Perfection is a lot of fun on a Retribution Paladin, makes the spec feel much better to play. Avenging Wrath is probably one of the better cooldowns in the game and this helps a bit with the mediocre damage Retribution has during downtime.


I play as feral as main.
Leader of the Pack would very much welcome as it would give us some much needed raid and group utility. Which feral lacks atm.
I understand this is a pvp essence which can be used in pve. As i play mainly pve atm I’d probably be expected to take this over any other major slot.
I would probably ending up taking this being a team player and all. Also it would mean ferals would have a space in raids and m+ groups.
The only problem I have with this is that we wont have much choice to use any other essences. I’d love to see this as base line again.


I realize the intent with the changes to Guardian: Vision of Perfection in making the proc a longer lasting, more damage oriented CD. But i think the previous synergy of the Survival Instinct proc with the Masterful Instinct azerite trait was a welcome feature of this combination, not a bug. I personally think making the change to Incarnation for Guardian is the wrong choice, and believe it should be reverted.


I second this.
The way the essence used to work previously made a lot more sense, especially for a tank who’s durability is laughable compared to other tanks. You almost made bears on par with other tanks, but I guess you couldn’t resist the temptation to nerf it down.

It’s not all about power either. The “game” of aiming for as high MI up-time as possible by cycling active SI use with the roll of the proc makes for active and fun “skill cap” rewarding gameplay.

I think Vision of Perfection’s major power would be much more interesting and engaging if it were changed from just a proc that activates to a proccing buff that would let you activate the ability within, say, 10 seconds.

There’s two reasons for this.

  1. The abilities tied into Vision of Perfection are not just ones you react to, they require and reward setup. Having a (randomly procced) time window to replicate at least a small version of that setup would be engaging gameplay.

  2. As it stands, Vision of Perfection is (almost?) the only Essence where the major power is just a passive. It’s fine to have an Essence that can’t be timed as well as others, but a random 10 second window to activate would at least put that new Essence key bind to good use.

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I like the Idea of Conflict and Strife!

But let player to choose the talent they want BUT not the offensive ones.
Only Defensive and probobaly some utility.

The goal could be that you actualy trade of DPS for a nice defensive / utility IF YOU WANT. But there should never be the “need” to use this essence.

The next PTR build will have a change for both Brewmaster Monks and Guardian Druids with the Major power on Vision of Perfection.

Brewmaster Monks have had the Major effect changed to activate Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox, when it procs. It will summon it for 25/35% (rank1/rank2) of the talent’s duration.

Guardian Druids have had the Major effect changed to activate Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc for 25/35% of the talent’s duration when it procs.

The Minor/passive effect is unchanged for both specs, it will still provide cooldown reduction to Fortifying Brew or Survival Instincts.

This should help the Essence feel a bit more noticeable and meaningful when it activates. You’ll be able to try it out in the next PTR build.

hey Taepsilum,

this has been posted by a US CM 3 Days ago. Why does it sometimes takes so long to post the exact same message in the EU Forums?
Wouldnt it make sense to post it at the same time on both forums by the same person, would it?


Cos they dont care about EU at all? Welcome in WoW, always NA 1st


Hey let them wining FORUM RACE at least guys.

Memory of Lucid Dreams:
This essence returns quite a lot of mana (the passive alone returns more than casting PW:Solace on cooldown)

I am troubled about this Essence for healers:
On the one hand having more mana available can feel awesome for a short while. On the other hand there are very good reasons that any source of additional mana regen through itemization has, (with very very few exceptions) been removed from the game.
So far in BfA, mana management has been extremely trivial on the harder raid bosses (G’huun, Jaina and Uu’nat Mythic required only little thought, only Mythrax, Vectis and eventually Mekkatorque proved interesting in terms of mana management).
This Essence trivializes mana management further, in an expansion where it hasn’t even been an issue so far. Some classes have an extremely efficient mana turnover with their filler spells. For these classes, this essence will prove to be quite overpowered.
So ultimately there are two options for what happens with this essence:

  1. It’s irrelevant since mana management mostly is a non issue in BfA
  2. It’s overpowered whenever mana management isn’t trivial, turning bosses of this setting into bosses of case [1.]

Case [2.] would be a real shame, since this is whenever things get interesting for healers. Sitting constantly at 100% mana isn’t fun.

(unfortunately forgot to enable improved combat logging during raidtesting, but finishing an “HPS race” against a soft enrage like Orgozoa with >50% mana after a >10m killtime is just wrong)

The arms vision of perfection actually can be a PDS lost. You use it usually to fix rage holes and you do pool rage for certain situatuion, exspecially in the execute phase. If this triggers after I use warbreaker or Colossus smash when I am at 90+ rage, I would rage hard.

Can you change that to warbreaker with a 4.5 sec duration (3 GCDs), without the damage component? Or give us a usefull CD for it, to get us out of our DMG slump. We really need some love.


Leader of the Pack with the new essence just made Feral viable in mythic plus.

Those morons that moan in the US forums that is forces druids to take that essence are dumb as hell.

The essences will be like that anyway for all classes. Dumb druids moaning! sometimes I wish that there were no forums as scrubs are always the ones giving input! / including me

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Since the essences vendor has been removed, it’s really difficult to give any quantitative feedback on the essences now. The proving grounds is not a useful way to test them at all, mobs die far too quickly and you’re on a time limit. Please give us a training dummy inside the proving grounds, or access to the essences outside of them.

Major Essences:

In terms of how these essences feel, they’re almost all really boring. Why? Because (barring one or two which I will talk about later) none of them actually change how I play the game or execute my rotation.

Condensed life-force,
Essence of the focusing Iris,
Purification Protocol,
The Crucible of Flame,
The Unbound Force,
Worldvein Resonance,

These are meant to be our big exciting power-increase for the new patch, but instead they can be boiled down to ‘press x button every 60/90/120 seconds to do damage’. These ‘fire and forget’ traits are about as exciting as getting a new trinket from a world quest or dungeon - and there have been dozens of other trinkets far more interesting than these. And I think that this is echoed by the fact that nobody is even bothering to mention them in any of the feedback. The only players who are going to choose these traits are going to be the ones who care about minmaxing damage, and have decided to pick it because it might SIM highest for them. Although I doubt any of them will sim very high, considering the strength of traits like Blood of the Enemy…

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