<Eternity> Recruting


Got a few spots left!

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Mainly for the raid team only rdps spots open, but we will consider all


still looking for raiders

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Come and join the family


come to the dark side, we have cookies !

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For raid team nr1 priority are TANKS


Still got a few spots left! Don’t be afraid too contact us!

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Still got few dps spots oppen


we are looking for rdps, in particular warlock, balance druid, priest shadow and mage

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Add updated to what we are looking for, to make a higher rooster.

Boomkin 4/8M LF Guild
373 Ret Looking for guild

Hello! Are you still looking for players?

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Yes we do, few more


We are still actively recruiting!


Mdps is currently closed.
Everything else is still open

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Updated the raid needed members, so come and join us


Recruitment is still open, apply via the appropriate channels, or add me on bnet:


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Updated recruitment for raid team. Come and join us


Hey guys just wondering if you have 2 tank or healer spots. You can view my post here.
[H] [Draenor] 2 players LF normal/HC guild

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Updated the list of recruitment for the raid team

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