Ethoing blades should come standard


So lately I have been sepeccing into 1 or 2 echoing blades and it is making a huge difference in aoe. I am not saying it is outlaw level but it makes me happy to see that my assassin rogue can compete with other dh’s, mages…etc.

Our 2 or 3 mob cleave is great but when it comes to mass aoe , assassin falls behind compared to a few melee classes that have outstanding single target and aoe as well even when specced with single target azerite gear.

I think that the second blast from 5 critical hits should come standard As a standard spell for assassins without the need for an azerite trait.

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And as assasin you will still deal competitive ST dps even when specced into AoE azerite pieces.


Still pales compared to the huge single button burst most other classes do.


I like the idea but I dont think this will ever happen.


So true, i’m going 3 x SS + 1 Scent of Blood + 1 Echoing Blades + 1 TC and i feel great in mythic+, in raids it’s hard or even not possible to keep dps high due to 2m cd on vanish but i love AoE build and i’m not gonna change it for a while. In mythic ~10 i can end up with 27k dps after boss fight with no lust, god bless Shrouded Suffocation.

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Its just how it is, rogue is on the back foot at the moment with many specs for many places, blizzard really have been aiming to throw rogue more and more under the bus. Been that way since WOD onwards, rogue is a shell or a husk even of what it used to be now so dont be surprised to find that your glass cannon spec isn’t much of a cannon.

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