[EU] 2 Buds LF casual heroic raiding guild for Friday nights


We are two buddies that used to hardcore raid back in MOP. Now we’re older (Early 30’s) and with families, our time has became more restricted so we are looking for a casual heroic raiding guild for Friday nights to keep scratching that itch (We’ll also be coming on at random days in the week to M+!). Our previous guilds were quite relaxed and humorous but still put the work in come raid night which suited us pretty well.

I have been a terrible altoholic without a raid team so I have several capable classes at 120 in the Healer, Ranged DPS and Tank roll so I’m pretty flexible where as my friend is a Mistweaver Monk who is also ready to raid.

We’re currently on Alliance on Silvermoon EU but willing to move server and faction if we can find a new home!

I know it’s quite niche what we’re looking for, but if this is your guild that we’re looking for, please let me know!

(Beckmiester) #2

Please add me.



Hi Milkbeard! We could be what you are looking for, a bunch of old farts with families, jobs and various animals that get in the way, aiming to do HC raiding and bring the community feel back to the game. We have room for a tank or healer or perhaps both! Dps is ofc always welcome too :slight_smile: Give me a shout on #Afaira2460 or find us on disco at discord.gg/FQb88dn for a friendly chat :slight_smile: