[EU] [Alliance] [TBC] [RP-PVP] <Alliance Free Company> Zandalar Tribe 10/10 (Pre nerf) - Looking for Warlock, Holy Pala, Spriest

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Originating from the Kronos private server and then reborn on Zandalar tribe at launch the Alliance Free Company has been active ever since. We’re an ‘international’ guild originally formed by a group of friends that found each other in Stranglethorn Vale during some very heavy PVP action. A core group that’s still maintained to this day.

We’re currently looking for a few more Warlocks, Hunters and Spriests at the moment to balance out our groups synergy. Thus far we have cleared all T4, T5 content. (and all prior in Classic) We tend to have a relaxed, open minded atmosphere, our members range from all walks of life and far afield. While we understand that the game is not a job we aim to clear the content in a respectable time and progress meaningfully.

What we offer:

A stable, healthy raiding environment that was active long before Classic WoW was even officially announced. We have a mature leadership with lots of experience that intend to be here for the long haul through thick and thin. Our loot system (EPGP) is entirely transparent, we try to take a fair minded and understanding approach with a heavy emphasis on player input behind all important decisions the guild intends to take in the future. Everything is up for discussion and we value constructive criticism.

  • We currently raid Sunday 18:00 - 21:00 and Tuesday 20:30- 22:30 CEST as we’re progressing but typically once we’ve gotten the results we want we scale back our raiding hours. A clean efficient clear is time not wasted!

  • We don’t have an age limit but the majority of our members are over the age of 18, we expect you to be a (mostly) mature and friendly person. We do not tolerate drama or needless toxicity, the guild is made up of functioning adults that want a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Our general rule of thumb is that we accept people from all backgrounds, regardless of their views or orientation, infact in this regard we’re very laid back but we do expect you to treat everyone with respect. We’re not asking you to be a saint, we promise!

  • We do not have a trial period, we do not let loot go to waste and we do not expect you to parse 99 but we do ask you to bring consumables and have a competent understanding of your class, high attendance and reliability is what we strive for.

If you take interest please feel free to leave a post here or contact me in game.

Alternatively you can directly contact our officers on Zandalar Tribe: Liink, Skylaria, Ubgrelda and Arnauticus.


We’re looking for more!

Still looking for more Warlock, Spriest.

We’re still recruiting to refresh our roster and ensure there’s an active rotation of happy players next phase!

Still looking! While we’re open minded to any class willing to join we have consistent spots open for Spriest and Warlock right now!

It seems like want want another Holy Paladin, just bumping this thread.

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