[EU] Ashbringer <HYDRA>

[H] [EU] ASHBRINGER | recruiting! (8/10)
Hydra is now recruiting!

A guild since p1 of Vanilla Classic, we have weathered the ups and downs along the way and retained most of the core throughout the phases. We are a chill guild that tumbles, cheers and enjoys its way through content - but each time we cut down one boss, two more take its place… so we need new promising agents!

Currently at 8/10 SSC/TK.

With a lively discord and a tight-knit community we welcome new agents into the fold, especially:

  • Shaman (Resto/Enhancement/Elemental)
  • Mage (Fire/Arcane)
  • Paladin (Retribution/Holy)

Our primary raiding days are Wed/Mon with p1 content on Sun (20:00-23:00). We use Thatsmybis for dividing up the loot fairly and transparent with the members setting up their requested items in their order of priority.

If you like occasional banter, random and silly community game nights and spouts of unquenchable laughter but still would like to progress and clear all content together with a friendly and fun bunch - well, we are definitely one of those kind of guilds Needless to say we strive to help both existing and new guild members with attunement and reputation grinds, and consider guildies as an extension of our group of friends.

Feel free to message me or any of our other officers for any inquiries:

  • ChronicDK#9087 discord
  • Gilagorrah#6736 discord
  • Busdrivern#6066 discord
  • Jugular#9282 discord

Hail Hydra!

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