[EU] Bug Report Missing

EU has for a long time been missing a bug report… what is up with this favoritism towards US ? Europeans speak English on the forum as well so i really do not see the reason aside from trying to favor 1 community over the other which is a very dangerous thing to do as a company isn’t it ?


I agree with this

so do I. 10 - 9 - 8

Hey Exoya,

Without disagreeing with you on this, as I can see the benefits of having a dedicated bug report forum here, you can also report bugs in-game.

I’ve always been very pessimistic about the amount of feedback non-US forums reaches developers. Forums are hosted using exactly the same website design, with (for the most part) the same sections and format. If bug reports are not included it’s a deliberate decision.

I even wonder if in-game bug reports are taken into account, because I don’t imagine people devoted to translating them into English and gathering information from German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese… realms. They may estimate US population is significant enough to locate the most impactful bugs.


They’ve got devs working elsewhere than in NA as well, but you see, their jobs likely don’t entail actually developing the game. It’s more like their jobs would then be to change what needs to be changed for it to launch in their respective regions, and to implement changes and stuff forwarded by the headquarters in NA.

They’re thinning out their employees on purpose, as you can see with the use of automatic report & punishment systems.
Yes, they did implement a “comment” feature, to include personal notes by the one reporting, but that doesn’t mean it gets read every time by a person.

It’s more likely because people started abusing the automated punishment system in it, so with comments they can look up when required to investigate if people did it in bad faith, it gets easier to sort out the wrong-doers.

It’s still automated though, and I expect the full premade BGs to abuse the hell out of it when the competition for r14 becomes worse, just like it has been abused for YEARS in Rated BGs over in retail.

Thank you, but would it be possible to add a forum tab like the US ? i fear that i am not alone in not being able to find the appropriate bug report location as they are not similar.

And the link only gives a guide on making an in-game report which as a tech i can say is very unreliable for handling such as its most likely handled similar to how website feedback is of which most is filtered trying to shorten the workload of reading through it all and simply categorizing them before seen while a forum bug report post u can see if there has been a response, other players can even correct you if you are mistaken or add to the case if they experienced the same or similar and you can add more content to it than in-game thus making the devs work easier.

Thank you for responding :slight_smile:


Have you seen where they put their English speaking office in Europe???
It’s in a part of a city where even the Rottweilers walk in pairs for protection! You think they can afford the risk of hiring people to actually read forums? I mean it’s great they actually managed to get any staff through the doors alive there at all! It’s only second worst to where they put the apple offices in the same city!

I use that feature, but it has a significant issue: I cannot update my reports.

Occasionally I gather further information, or figure that despite my best efforts towards testing a situation, a mistake has been made and I have to revoke the report. I can not.

Would be great if I could see my reports and have a grace period (24 hours) while I could freely change them. I suspect they aren’t insta-picked anyway :slight_smile:

Next bug: Golden Quest Helper arrow sometimes showing up on MiniMap. Urgh


Please fix this ASAP!

That was actually in the vanilla client, too, for some specific quests.

Which ones? I do not remember ever seeing it.

Why are the US forums privy to the benefits of a dedicated bug report forum whilst EU aren’t?

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… but not for this one, as it has disappeared when I entered the game again today.

Could this be one of the reasons for lag… I mean it’s like a giant mass of add-ons that’s stopping things (nodes, Quest objectives etc.) from sparkling, arrows from showing, in short the things implemented to make gameplay easier but less fun ever since Vanilla all have to be blocked, stopped or suppressed?

That is a very good question, they could easily have created a bug-forum on EU and then neglect it and it wouldnt be noticeable but they went out of their way to deliberately remove it or even exclude it from the start from the EU when designing the website…

And setting up a forum on a website is beyond simplistic anyone can do it especially when there’s already a template for it…

only reason i can think of is that they are playing favorites and dont seem to consider europeans equally valuable customers even tho EU makes up a massive chunk of their income…

in-game feedback for eu could easily be redirected to a trashcan and we wouldnt know as theres no way to see old reports sent from yourself or others or even edit it when you find things that need to be added or corrected…

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We all know why we don’t have one.

I just figured I’d ask the question formally seeing as we are in the presence of a bloo.

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