[EU / H / Draenor] Noobs With Keyboards! Fun without the seriousness! Looking for a potential Officer to M+/Raids!


We are currently looking for Officers to help expand our M+/Raid, and PVP sides! Please get in touch if you are interested!

New phone, who dis?

Hey! We’re Noobs with Keyboards (NwK for short :wink: ). We are a newly formed Guild with hopes of creating a safe space for people who aren’t as experienced, or skilled as anyone else, or if you’re just too worried about pugging! We started from a community and as that seems to be getting more and more members daily, we turned it into a Guild!

So if you are fed up of being booted from PUGs, declined from LFR, told “u r bad”, etc etc (the list could honestly go on forever) then come give us a try and join our little ‘shindig’

So… what do you like… do?

We like to run loads of different stuff! Not all current content :slight_smile: . Here’s a list of some of the stuff we do;

  • Old Raids and Dungeon runs

  • Glory achievement runs

  • Legacy and current content Transmog runs

  • Epic BGs

  • Rep grinds

  • Mount & Pet runs

  • Many more!

There’s so much more we love to do, because we do it together. We try our best to make at least 1 Guild event a month (more when we get the numbers).

So, what do you expect from me?

Hmm, let me think… the only things we can expect from our Guildies are;

  • Be active where you can.

  • Be ready to help other Guildies.

  • Remember that you are representing us, when you are in activities with other players!

  • Join the Discord (this is a must).

That’s it really! But let me tell you what YOU can expect from US;

  • A place to call home.

  • A safe space to learn, and improve.

  • Friends! Hard to come by now-a-days!

  • Our time, and shared experience/knowledge of the game.

So… you’re still here?

You must like the sound of what we have here! Then why not come help us get up off our feet and join us? We honestly believe we have made something amazing and can’t wait to have you come along and join :slight_smile: . If you are interested then please, leave a reply and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible! I’m totally not writing this at work or anything… :zipper_mouth_face: .

Oh! I’ll drop my Discord here, in case you want to message me: Dan.#9870

Hopefully will be seeing you soon! :grinning:


Great bunch of people here that are always having a laugh, totally random and honestly really helpful to everyone of all levels. Perfect for newbies or experienced players who just want to enjoy the game with a bunch of friends, and some company too! Come and join the discord and say hi! We are all pretty mad but we have cookies on the dark side and lots of alcohol, plus we do awesome fun events.


I mean. Gosh, autocorrect… #FORTHEHORDE

Seriously though, this is a pretty awesome group with a very active discord, lots of laugh-till-you-can’t-breathe moments. We have a good bunch so come and join in with the madness and fun times and make some new friends with us along the way. :smiley:

Such a fun guild to play with !! EVeryone gets along with everyone and we have so many giggles when we run dungeons/ raids.

Hya so this sounds exactly what ive been looking for so hit me up when you can i play multiple healer classes with some dps alts too.

We are still recruiting. We’ve made massive progress since we’ve started :slight_smile: Still looking to grow as much as possible! :smiley: