EU-Horde | Dreadmist [PvP] | Hardcore | TBC

Glaives Reserved is a newly formed hardcore guild, having the goal of competing on the very highest level, with leadership consisting of former members of top 10 classic guilds, Pieces (#3 retail guild) and xD (#1 guild of multiple TBC private servers). Our raiders are expected to be willing to give it their all when necessary to achieve that goal. To be able to create the right environment and foster our players to bring out the best of their abilities, leadership is always trying to improve the guild and push it further where needed.

What we are providing:

  • Qualified leadership with high-level raiding experience throughout all parts of wow, that is willing to push the guild as far as possible, not hesitating to make necessary changes to the guild and roster for improvements.
  • An environment that allows our players to be able to compete on the highest level in both PvE and PvP.
  • Optimized raid composition throughout all tiers of raiding, continuously being adjusted to fit the latest relevant content and meta.

What we expect from our members:

  • At least 90% attendance for all raid days
  • Fully optimized professions, spec, consumables and outside of raids obtainable gear
  • Previous raiding experience on classic, retail or private servers
  • Up-to-date knowledge about your class and spec
  • Availability for world bosses throughout the day/week during normal play times
  • A raid ready alt for split raids by the end of the first month after launch
  • Being able to raid outside of official raid times for progression (e.g. midnight releases)

Raid Times:

  • Wednesday/Thursday/Monday/Tuesday during normal weeks
  • The rest of the week as additional raid days if needed for progression

Loot System:

  • Transparent Loot Council

If you feel like you have what it takes to be part of this guild, please message me on discord @Boxingring#9582

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Still recruiting big and crazy ballers to join our roster. <3

Best place to be if you aim for hardcore raiding and / or big rating in arena :wink:

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