[EU] [PvE] [Alliance] <Badacid> Pryewood Village is recruiting for TBC Classic

Badacid : Alliance
Raid System : 10-man / 25-man
Guild Leader : Typhorm
Officer 1 : Draacon
Officer 2 : Zyraki
Raid Leader : TBC
Server : Pryewood Village PVE - EU
Raid Schedule : TBC
Date and Times : TBC

We are recruiting for The Burning Crusade Classic, and will not have scheduled raids until the start of the new classic TBC expansion.

Loot System : An easy no-fuss/no-drama system. Master Loot with /rolls prioritizing Main Spec over Offspec.

Guild Description :

Badacid is a casual raiding guild that is true to our name; we’re looking for skilled players who enjoy raiding but do not want the intense raiding schedule that a hardcore guild would require. Our goal is to get as many bosses down in a couple of periods during mid-week (Raid Schedule TBC). We don’t have all the time in the world, so every minute we’re raiding has to count.

Expectations :

We are looking for raiders with past experience who have a sense of humor, but will take the raiding hours seriously. Showing up every week on time is the most important thing a raider can do. After that, we expect a reasonable knowledge of the fights ahead of time, as well as consumables and proper enchants / gemming.

We are looking for :
· Good raid awareness and the ability to learn from mistakes.
· Raiding experience a bonus but not essential.
· Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates.
· Be active on Discord / comms. We aim to create a convivial community and comms is key to breaking down barriers.


Message us in game, join our discord for a chat or reply to this post.

Hi there,

I am very interested, what is your Discord server so we can have a nice little chat?

Regards, Twinkles/Shezerea.

hey i would love to join for TBC whats your discord

Hey, id be interested in joining as well, whats your discord?

Hi. Your ad sounds promising. By any chance, do you prefer late afternoon/early evening hours (17-20 Server Time)?