[EU] [PvE] [Alliance] <Curmudgeons> Pyrewood Village - Need 1 Retribution Paladin

Welcome :slight_smile:

Curmudgeons Is an international english speaking guild. The guild is formed by a group of friends who have raided together both in retail and classic. We are looking for a few more Gansters to join our group.

We are currently clearing SSC and TK and doing Gruul and Maggy for offspec gear and alts, we also raid Karazhan on alts in the weekends.

Currently we are recruiting a few for the raid team, but if your friend or mom want to join as social they are also very welcome. We are especially looking for:

  • 1 Retribution Paladin

We are looking for team players with a good positive attitude, who like us want to raid in a relaxed atmosphere, but still take it serious. We are looking for raiders with experience and hopefully a lot of ideas and strategies how to improve our guild and raids. We are looking for active players to fill the guild with loads of jokes, laughs, dungeons and alt raids.

What do we offer you:

We offer a stable raiding guild that will clear content in a decent pace and having a good time doing it. We have an adult leadership with loads of experience from both classic/retail tbc and the naughty servers we don’t talk about. A fair and transparent loot system based on Bis lists and loot council.

  • We raid every Wednesday and Sunday from 20-23 with a 10 min break. We have social/alt/friends raids every Friday which everyone in the guild can join
  • We don’t have a age limit, but we expect you to be a mature and friendly person and we don’t tolerate any kind of drama or toxicity
  • We don’t care about you religion, skin colour or sexuality and we expect you to treat everyone with respect no matter who/what they are
  • We don’t have a trial rank for the raiding team, if you follow the guild rules and keep your raid performance up, we are all equal
  • We don’t expect you to be the champion of everything, but high attendance and reliability is a must.

Poke us here: Kathinka#2226 or join https://discord.gg/7FJa7fcMx3

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hey there, we are 4 friends looking for a new raiding home. Have a post I just put up here:

I have added you on battlenet, if you think we can work something out could we have a chat? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m going to contact you later today

I don’t suppose you people also do naxx alt runs for the fun of it and also t3/atiesh and whatever?

We might do that in the weekend or something at some point, but its not priority.

How are you guys with heroics etc? I’ve seen some of you guys while pugging my way around Azeroth and Outlands. I’m not quite ready to commit to raiding due to work commitments but trying to get my spellstrike and spellfire gear together and do as many heroics as I can, but we all know DPS isn’t the best way to find a heroic group.

We have heroics groups going every day, but many of us already have everything we need from heroics. If you are looking for a guild just for heroic dungeons I dont think we are the best choise.

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We are looking for active players to fill the guild with loads of jokes, laughs, dungeons and alt raids.

Have you eased your policy on people with slightly suggestive/potentially offensive names, who were made so to spark laughter and create joy?

Dont know what you are referring to, but we dont want anyone with offensive names or behavier, dont think anyone want.

Bump, need 1 Retribution Paladin :slight_smile:

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