EU-PVP Shazzrah - Let's make friends


After the popularity of the let’s make friends topics across retail wow I thought it might be nice to have something here, for us classic players, especially those who are going to play on the EU: English Language PVP realm Shazzrah . So I bastardised the below

Friends are super important in Classic WoW, it’s great to have people who can help you with class/group quests, people you trust to stay with you till the dungeon is cleared or just somwone you can chat with whilst you fish.

So if you’d like to make new friends, simply post below

About me:

Age: 37

Personality: I like to think I’m funny, loyal pretty chilled out.

Side: Alliance

Main: Dwarf Priest

Spec: Holy/Disc

ALT: Paladin

Spec: Holy

Up for: Friends to level with, chat to and clear dungeons with

Battletag: OhUrDead#2117


Hi there,

Side: Alliance
Main: Human Warrior
Spec: Prot

Up For: Levelling in Azeroth again, having fun and then focusing on raid content through to Phase 6 (Naxx).

We’re a bunch of old “hardcore” raiders coming back, feel free to add me in-game when online “Jexx”.
See you around :slight_smile:


Hola amigos.

Side: Alliance
Main: Nelf hunter
Spec: MM

UpFor: Gank lowies

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