EU- Ravenchrest- <Not My Job> Recruiting for TWW

About us
We’re a brand new guild on Ravencrest looking for new people with bad posture, thick skin and a questionable sense of humor. Being human is optional.

We are a raiding guild, so naturally our focus lies here. Our goal is to get Curve within a timely manner. With this goal we can include odd specs, weird strategies and people not parsing purple.
We strive to make the raids resemble a kindergarten on nose candy rather than a military boot camp. In other words, have fun and chill
We’re open about mistakes, meaning that being “called out” is meant as constructive criticism, and intended to help.
We use master looter, and loot will go where it will help progression the most

What we offer
A fun, small community filled with banter, crayon eating contests, and really bad humor. We play a lot of random games like among us,lostgamer, and more. When TWW comes there will be a lot of m+ as well.

Raid Times Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00

What we need
Dps and healers

More info?
msg me on discord: mr.buns