EU streamers

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Ah, okay. I will update it!


EU people care more about which community language they will play with than streamers :smiley:

Cuz honestly I dont know 70% or those streamers and they have never been harassed.

Harassment of streamers is a NA thing… Because of their culture of stardom and following every popular people arround like a puppy as if they are Beyoncé.
That said, some more popular streamers + hardcore guils like Apes on shazzrah kind of makes me want to avoid this particular server. Just in case.

Golemagg seems to appear more sexier.

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I’m glad the annoying ones(and their “community”) are going Shazzrah :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Thank you for the intiative to this overview :slight_smile: I do not consider most of the EU streamers and their - are they just called followers by now - to be plain disrupting of other peoples gameplay, but still, it´s really nice to know. And granted, maybe I am living under a rock too, at times, since I rarely watch streamers!


We have one Eu french streamer called zerator who can reach arround 40k with wow (he was third biggest world streamer of classic beta witj asmon and soda) and 100k+ with his events.

But he is going for the NA progress with Method for the rush xp+kill with a few biggest french streamers.


Monkeynews from APES. Streams on twitch for about 1k and has a youtube channel for private server and classic beta pvp montages. Was well known on private servers as one of the best warriors.

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Missing Trille off then list unless he’s rolling NA?


You did forgot Pilav the best war alfa male in wow history!!!
I think he rolls Golemagg as horde.


He was dealing with some health issues I think over the past few years. He last posted on Twitter on 20th November 2018. He could be playing but who knows.

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Yeah. I remember he posted back then. I remember him saying he will play as well. I just wish he is well.


said it before and I’ll say it again, they’ve stated many times on their streams that they will intentionally feed misinformation to avoid having people dodge them


Couldn’t care less about streamers. Most of them will be playing on PVP realms either way, and most of them aren’t really packing a large crowd of followers.

The one guy on the English RP realm, never heard of’em. Won’t affect my gaming regardless.

That said. Maybe i should start streaming, hummm. :sweat_smile:




weeelllll crap… no ally streamers to make awsome RP events then :frowning:

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Realm names?


frostadamus is going NA …


Im rolling Alliance on Shazzrah and tbh my first thought was damn, that can’t be good. But after thinking over it I realised that it won’t be as bad as an Asmon army and the challange of battling “minor” streamer armies is actually appealing to me. I would have been way more bumped if I was horde.
I’d like to believe that other good players might want this kind of challenge and go against them (maybe other streamers as well) and actually end up being an intense battle-ground. But that’s just hoping, let’s see.


Alliance on Shazzrah will cry. There’s to many Horde on this server. Both Shazzrah discord statistic show 3191 Horde for 2460 Alliance atm, it’s not balanced. Of course, most people aren’t on Discord, but well.

Golemagg and Gehennas feel more healthy with a fair balance of Horde/Alliance ratio.

Golemagg : 1038 Alliance vs 1055 Horde
Gehennas : 1883 Alliance vs 2142 Horde

No point i’ll play Alliance on this Shazzrah realm.

In my opinion, Blizzard should enforce people to stop making new Horde character on Shazzrah, because otherwise Shazzrah will be like a Retail server : full of horde.


Shazz - Horde

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Pilav and Monkeynews are the most toxic out of that bunch as far as I know and they’re not playing on my server so I’m good. Most EU streamers seem like okay people.