[EU] Tarren Mill Horde guild LF raiders <Erudite>


Hi All!

We are Erudite and we are looking to recruit new members to join us!

Currently sitting at 9/9 HC 1/9 M we are a casual guild with a focus of having banter whilst raiding.

We raid on Wednesdays and Sunday 8-11pm server time and regularly there are groups running Mythic Plus and other activities.

We use discord and are very active on there even when not logged into WoW.

Currently, we are looking for anyone who is like minded, wants to be part of a community and wants to raid at a more relaxed pace. We focus on pushing to clear HC (and get Ahead of the Curve) with a view to begin Mythic but we understand that sometimes people do not have the time to commit to this.

If you are at all interested in joining us please feel free to message one of us for an invite using out battletags :slight_smile:


Thanks for reading <3

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