[EU] [Twisting Nether] BreakingPoint - Recruiting for War Within!

Recruiting for War within Raiding: We are currently recruiting for War Within, if interested please join/add us on our discord!

About: BreakingPoint - We are a AOTC guild and pushing mythic raiding! While the focus remains on having fun. We’re looking for players that love to joke around, raid and do keys! Why join us? We want to push progression as much as we can while keeping it chill, we have a variety of people that enjoys both Raiding & Mythic+, we will always try to be helpful to members if in need of help.

Goals: See how far into mythic we can go, we want to push as far as a guild together & hoping for future CE!

Requirements: We are looking for players who are committed to raiding & M+, who are like minded & interested in details that go into boss progression, or even a player who wants a new journey of progression! Good attendance, positive attitude, willingness to learn and improve!

Attendance: We expect all raiders to maintain high attendance. We understand nobody can attend 100% of raids but expect to be informed of any absences prior to the raid in order to adjust the roster for that night!

Dedication: As we raid on a light schedule we don’t ask for too much outside of the raid, we just ask to keep your character in good shape and stay up to date with the latest class/game information. What is most important to us is your dedication and focus during the raid; we expect every raider to have understanding of each boss encounter.

In Return: During raids with everyone pulling their weight. With this said, we welcome input from our raiders, and found that it leads to the most success when everyone is involved and offering suggestions.

More info on our discord!

TLDR: A semi hardcore guild wanting to push for AOTC, and Mythic (9/9H 6/9M ATDH) while the focus remains on having fun together. We’re looking for players that love to raid and do keys! AOTC, M+ & future CE!

Needs: Currently in need of a “blank”. However all exceptional candidates will be considered.

High Demand: None

Medium Demand: None

Low Demand: None

Realm: [EU] Twisting Nether.
Raid days: Wednesday/Saturday: 19:30 till 23:00 ST

How to Dive In: Ready to join BreakingPoint? Awesome! Just slide into our Discord - https://discord.gg/Tb4B9T5xtT

On Bnet: Mirmulnír - AnnaBanana#21259 / Wansolo - Biosensation#2379

On Discord: IIAnnaBananaII - iiannabananaii / Wansolo - _fathergabriel