[EU][Tarren Mill][A/H] <Ominous Latin Phrase> Raid times Fri/Sun 8:00 PM ST!

Join for The War Within! We offer a relaxed guild environment that’s serious about fun. If you’re interested in raiding, m+ or even transmog/achievment runs with a fun bunch of people, join in!

Guild was created March this year, so we are still young, did Aotc during Season 3 and all Heroic clears in Season 4 + few Mythic bosses.

Raid times are Fri/Sun 8:00 PM ST (tank slots are filled)

Soft goal is Aotc during each season and continue progging Mythic as well without expectation of CE.

We don’t expect perfection, but everyone is expected to put reasonable amount of effort to prepare their character for Heroic raid, it’s only fair to others.

Until The War Within starts, guild is on a soft break, focusing more on achievment runs and non-awakened Mythic clears.

GM discord: onframe

guild discord: discord.gg/KSxkGK2ztE

Faction: Horde