Evening Realm Maintenance -- 6 October

As many players noticed, there’s an extra maintenance time scheduled for 22:00-23:00 CEST tonight, 6 October.

This maintenance is for a global infrastructure upgrade, so we need to carry it out at the same time for all of our services around the world. We chose this time for having the least global impact, but recognize that it is not ideal for European players, especially those in Western time zones.

We’re hopeful that the actual maintenance will be completed in a matter of 15-30 minutes, and while players will likely be unable to log-in during this maintenance, we won’t need to shut down realms. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the stability of the game service during this timeframe.

Thank you.


Just delay it with one hour? pretty sure 90% of people raiding stop at 23.


But then it hits prime time US, think of all the engagement metrics lost!

You do understand the term ‘global’ yes?

Hi everyone i cant enter classic season of mastery beta can any game master help me i got the lastest version 1.14.1 i want play this game now please

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Its a one time thing, hopefully, take a chillpill.

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the werid point is there some of my real life friends next to me playing season of Mastery while i cant , i cant stay eat and watch them iam not fan of wow iam player

Here is an idea post on the classic forums …


Thank you for the clarification

And you couldnt have said that a bit earlier? I dont get it…why wait with that kind of information? Its only making the players angry because obv. Maintainence on PRIME TIME is weird and annoiying.


You could have planned this to take place 1 hour later and it wouldn’t have affected as many players. Or on a different day, like Monday or Friday, which afaik are not reset day on any region, while Wednesday is for EU.

In short, your decision clearly speaks “we don’t care about EU players, China/the US are more important” and we heard you, loud and clear.


In other words - instead of choosing a time that it somewhere in atlantic ocean, you instead do a /spit emote on Western Europe, gj. Shows how much you care about this region.


Maybe, y’know, put it an hour before EU reset time.

Afternoon US time & Evening (raid) time in EU vs midnight-to-post-midnight US time and early morning on a weekday in Europe.

Why do you guys pretend you care? This extra maintenance is perfect for Taiwan time-zone.


That is great timing, especially on reset day so thanks Blizz for your consideration

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This is not worth of a chillpill. It just shows that Blizz doesn’t care and respect EU players at all.

Careful mentioning that fantasy place, it doesn’t exist!! :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


Can you please stop being unneccesarily rude to folk all the time? You’re becoming just as bad as those you’re always complaining about. :persevere:

Well this is something positive…if we’re online already, it shouldn’t kick us off (provided the servers remain stable). Wouldn’t advise people to be doing anything important at the time but at least it’s not a complete shutdown.

The first useful blue post in months. (And it is about a planned outage, LOL. Still, thanks for the notice.)

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prime time raiding hours on reset day… timing couldnt have been worse… and such a short notice that we cant re-schedule. gg blizz.

you mean china, or are you trying to get yourself banned??
their timing makes sense though, that they need to please their chinese overlords


I don’t know what you mean :innocent: Taiwan has its own time-zone and the maintenance is 4am to 5am for them, while the regular maintenance is 3am to 5am. There are no hidden messages or implications in my original post. :innocent:

If it affected you you’d be screeching like your normal self. Because it doesn’t you’re all “chill homies”.

Go away.