Ex-hardcore raider LF CE guild - Frost Mage


Hello guys, as the topic says im looking for a CE guild. I played my outlaw rogue in uldir and then stopped playing after killing zul mythic. The reason that i stopped is because of the gear RNG which annoyed to a point that i hated playing WoW anymore. I’ve raided in different guilds, some were top 100 world and some were semi-hardcore. I have 6 120 alts that i can play at top level if needed, warlock, rouge, hunter, warrior(tank), priest(holy) and a paladin(ret). Changing factions and server is not a problem, although i prefer raiding any day from Saturday to Wednesday and time is not a problem for me. I would like to have a fresh start for 8.2 because Im late atm with gear and azerite traits.

Discord: Randavault#4689


Armory is bugged, character name is Zelaseski.