Exclude option for random bg and ashran


Why there is no exclude option for random bgs?
Epic battlegrounds is 4 out of 5 is Ashran what is in the current form is the most boring bg ever! 30 min boring mindless aoe spam lagfest. That is not pvp and no fun


Rework Asshran. Its bad.

I dont have any lags in ashran…also fps high.
Better dps wins thats all

The proplem is not the lag, its boring mindless aoe spam for 30min, no objectives etc.

There used to be a black list option for you to opt out of certain random BG’s and they removed it. No idea why, I used to use it all the time.

If this is Ashran for you, it is no wonder why you lose xD

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Ashran is amazing! But sadly when I queue epic BGs it is mostly IOC & Wintergrasp - horrible BGs!

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