Exped Mage LF arena buddies

New to the server, and i am looking for people to do arena with.
I had vengeful glad s3 tbc, played other seasons casual till cataclysm. some private servers aswell. I have a lot of issues finding pvp activity on firemaw horde tbh.
I chose this server because i was under the impression that it would be highlife here when it comes to pvp. It seems like its all underground.
If you like to have fun and play with a high energy mage. hit me up.

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Ill add u ingame. Lets talk tomorrow! Regarding ur statement - thought the same - but ur spot on.

Hi! Im looking to roll a pvp character on this realm since my pve priest is on a rp server. Maybe within a month or so we can do some games? Also hows the pvp scene on this realm?

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