Experienced Player LF Mythic Raiding Guild


Hello Beashto here.
Currently looking for a new guild to progress with. Preferably with raid times at 9:00pm ST or afterwards. Ideally looking for a semi-hardcore guild with reasonable ambitions for BfDA. Only managed 3/8m progress so far in bfa but I have much more to offer and progress halted because my old guild fell apart. I have been playing since TBC and always push myself to perform as best as possible and help the team.

I can play multiple classes to a high-level so re-rolling generally isnt a problem for me but mainly healing/dps roles are my preferred roles and would probably be strongest on my paladin/druid/priest/warlock. My druid probably being the most geared/prepared atm with a neck level just shy of 38 but re-grinding is not an issue for me.

If you want to have a look at some of my logs feel free to check my holy paladins logs Beashty-Kazzak. Couldnt post any links here

Feel free to hit me up here or on Bnet #DeanPrender2939

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We’re a 1 night a week mythic guild that’s 5/8. We do Sundays 20:00 - 23:00 so this might be a little too early for you, but if you’re interested you can reach me on bnet: Windsurfer#2374.
I’ll add you tonight!

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