Eyeball crown of N'Zoth


I honestly assumed it would be similar to Glyph of Floating Shards, not an ugly eyeball crown (with teeth?) acting as semi-efficient transmog block. :woman_facepalming:
Not saying I think a floating eye/floating eyes would be that much more appealing, but at least it wouldn’t be a choice between the gift of an old god or being able to see your own helmet. :eyes:

For those not familiar with the glyph; it shows warlocks soul shards floating above their head, but nobody else can see them.


What is the point of it if nobody else can see them?.


I think it’s kinda stupid that it blocks our head transmog, it’s really ugly imo.

The gift should be an eye that follows you instead, kinda like the warlock demo artifact or something.

Like right now i’m not sure if we are supposed to keep it or just complete the quest, because i don’t want to miss something cool with keeping the gift. But i want my transmog back… :squid:


Glyph of floating shards: Maybe some people like seeing them there as well, but having them visible for everyone would be a PvP issue? Idk, it wasn’t my idea. ::woman_shrugging:

Gift of N’Zoth: Players who choose to keep the gift can see it on other players. Why it’s like this idk either.

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I just want to know why the quest is open ended either you turn it in or just leave it in your questlog, the whole reason Im leaving it is cause I want to experience both outcomes if there is two anyways. I cleansed it on my alt left it on this.


That’s a great idea tbh!
On priest I always preferred to do content as shadow, because I didn’t want to miss any funny Xal’atath comments. So I actually abandoned the quest to remove the gift after reading the warning about it being permanent, not taking any chances, But help me it’s so ugly. :grimacing:



All hail our lord and savior N’Zoth! :squid:

But screw that crown…

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Try being a gnome… It supersize the eyeball so it looks even bigger. :persevere:


It should have been like the battle pet “Arcane Eye” that follows you around and then maybe give it an ability like the “Eye of Killrogg” in that one Azuna quest in Legion that if you click on it you can control it and fly it around and see what it sees. Use it to scout ahead. Maybe just make it purple so you can distinguish it from the battle pet.


Well, it doesn’t look any better on pandaren either.

The eye is bigger than the head itself… :angry:


What do ya mean
The crown is amazing.
All hail n’zoth.
I love being his little prince.

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If you choose to abandon the quest instead of leaving it in your quest log or completing it, you’re rewarded with incoherent whispers.

(Scotchka) #14

It was like that for a while on the ptr. Don’t know why they changed it to an actual crown. It’s worse in every way.

I decided to get rid of it after one week. It was just too out of place on all my mogs.


N’zoth is really sad with this post :octopus:

(Ăźubbletea) #16

Omg I abandoned it then I heard heavy breathing

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Once you’ve gotten the Eye from N’Zoth you go to Brother Pike to have it removed. Doing so rewards you with a Toy that lets you reapply the eyeball. (standard toy cooldowns apply)


I got rid of it immediately. :slight_smile:


Someone on another thread (apologies, can’t recall who) posted an excellent spot that if you go through your toys and find a hat or head item, equip it then deselect the buff and you will appear with whatever transmog helm etc you were wearing before the eye appeared. Lasts until you phase somewhere or log.

On my chars with the eye I didn’t abandon the quest, I just didn’t do it. Are we meant to abandon it? Aside from having an eye on those chars I haven’t noticed anything different.

(Bairen) #20

Don’t abandon the quest:

Just realised this wouldn’t translate to Horde… hold one second…

Horde go to Nailok at the Altar of Akunda in Dazar’alor. Still removes the curse and rewards the toy according to WowHead