Faction Change - Phasing problems


I transferred to Alliance from Horde a few weeks ago. a few days ago I transferred BACK to Horde from Alliance

Before I transferred to Alliance, I had completed all of the quests on Zandalar and the entirety of the war campaign.
Upon returning to horde I am redoing all of the Zandalar and war campaign quests and I am running into serious phasing issues that make it impossible to complete certain quests or very cumbersome.

In the War Campaign I am stuck on “Azerite Denied” because Rexar is not in the same phase as me.

These are the current bugs I have found so far and I will update this as I continue to quest.
I appreciate any help you could offer

“Offensively Defensive” - Loti is not at the alter of gonk for the turn in, thus unable to complete this quest.

There is also similar issues with other quests within the Zulduzar zone.


Vrakthris on the US forums said this to someone who had the exact same issue as me:

"We’re seeing some issues pop up from when folks swap from Horde to Alliance and back again. It is causing some quests that should be marked as completed to show up again.

I can take a look if you want to swap to a different character."

He was able to take control of their account and flag the zandalar quests as being completed correctly, which I believe I need to happen to me

(Ashon) #2

Have you opened a ticket for this?
On EU they won’t take control of your account via forum request.


Hey Tyrissia,

This does sound like something Support can look into and help out with. Please do contact Support directly though, as that is not something we can look into directly ourselves here on the forum.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!