Faction Loyalty


Interesting how many people here would have stayed Alliance if not for the Blood Elves. I suppose you should thank those Asian players who wanted a pretty race and got the Blood Elves into the Horde.

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A Wholesome and Interesting conversation, and then, to no one’s surprise…suddenly…


The Alliance can have the traitors! We don’t want them! With friends such as these who needs enemies!

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You’re reminding me of too many ‘Carry On’ film mockeries now. I don’t mean that in a cruel way, but in a strangely warming and quintessentially british way :smiley: “With friends like that, who needs enema’s”


The Alliance has no traitors, thankfully. And if there were traitors, it would just be Tyrande, and if she went rogue, we would just dump the refugee scum into the Great Sea. Humanity is untouchable.

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  • Why do you play/favor that faction?

started on Alliance.

  • Do you dislike/hate the opposite faction?

deleted two level 60 Alliance toons in vanilla to change my faction when some friends did. this dude was originally an Orc. so no.

  • If yes: Why?

i don’t, but horde players always struck me as a bit more neckbeardy and trench-coat-y than alliance players

then again alliance players always struck me as a lot more whiny and bad at the game

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  1. The Alliance.
  2. Out of habit.
  3. I don’t “hate” opposite faction per se. I hate crappy and forced writing and numbhead players that will defend any sh!t it causes.
  4. Today it’s like choosing between a mentally disabled child and another mentally disabled child with bullying tendencies. Back in 2005 I have choosen the Alliance also out of habit because I always prefered humans in WC 1, 2 and 3. And it’s more aesthetically pleasing to me plus it presents greater unity than some rag-tag bunch of mudhut dwellers.


I think you have real issues here by reading your post unless youre trolling or joking :joy:

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If you’re referring to me, please do elaborate.


Im referring to the dude started this threat not you

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Then I stand corrected but still confused. This is much more substantial than a dime a dozen “I hate X” or “Screw you Y” threads.


There are types of people you will never ever can have a conversation with.
Either that they dont deserve your time OR maybe you will end up wasting your time talking to a brick wall. Guess thats why i replied politely to him and not as he tags the whole playerbase lol


Pipe down, honor boy.

Those “traitors” saved the Horde from irrelevancy. You should do what you do best and grovel at their feet for ensuring that you have a healthy faction to lord over.


The famed Silvermoon Blood Knights who reined unstoppable across the Eastern Kingdoms! <.< >.>

Why is it that I am pilloried in the public by the Horde, but a faction which actually negotiated to return to the Alliance is fine?

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It may have to do with the fact that they pulled out the second the ones they were negotiating with them, harmed their people.
You know…instead of making up excuses for it.

Regarding portrayal, the former points at someone caring for their people. The later, at a lack of a backbone.

The above is a broad comparison. The specific reasons as to why Lorthemars reasoning is seen in a much more positive light than Baine’s, are part of quite a larger list.

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Because its fine when they do it.


Honesty. How refreshing. Salutes

This is slander! I put myself in grave danger to protect the Horde’s integrity. And jailed, possibly executed.

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Apparently the Alliance did not kill a single blood elf until the Purge of Dalaran. Truly we are a humanitarian faction.


Because said race that negotiated with the Alliance is played by 80% of Horde players.

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Bonus points for Baine having no plan to actively leave the Horde being Satan, while Lor’themar who planed to leave everything behind gets a free pass.

I have to say I laughed at blood elven pro-Horde sentiment after that, I remember some voice lines, possibly by Liadrin(who else), can’t remember correctly, about how the Horde stood with the blood elves and helped. Hahahahaha.