Farewell Madseason

They did. People were buying tons of gold on other websites to buy whatever whether it’s classic/classic tbc/retail. Activision just wanted to make sure they could get their share of it. Sure we could argue they didn’t take any actions against bots but their very existence is because people buy the services they provide. I’m surprised someone like madseason who says “just add an extra step and playerbase don’t see it as P2W” doesn’t see this very obvious thing.


Buying WoW Tokens is P2W but buying gold from the chinese its P2W aswell… So same thing, different source


Pretty normal for content creators to say “Goodbye” as they have a community to think about. Video and points raised were good.

I like how people always say “He/She/You will be back” whenever somebody is quitting. Sub-numbers beg the differ. Most people leave in silence, and don’t come back.
Guess people are projecting their own lack of character and addiction on others. No suprise, seeing people think they must/have to play the game judging by some posts.

They have to find one of us in the wreckage, brother

rip man, he was amazing

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I don’t fully agree with that. Players sure had their part in the dumbing down of the game, but BlizzarVision’s greed knows no bounds.

SO what?

He might’ve quit when classic vanilla was released.

Which is quite while ago…

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They love money beyond everything for sure and I agree with you, not everything is player’s fault. But when I read those forums and people always blaming blizzard, it reminds me of people always blaming politicians. Sure they’re greedy and just care about their earnings, but we all know this by now, so it’s time to move on and trying to set things by ourselves

Streamers are just like ADDS… Its their job to create trends and that’s what they get paid for… People should play what they like and stop following those living ADDS that are those big streamers…


Even if I played up to BFA his point would be moronic because “quite a while” in a 16 year span is a very loose definition but I do understand kids these days they have no “grand” goal or generational “suffering” so some do act as if playing a game a different way makes you better than others because they lack something important to focus on…

Except it isn’t.
Buying gold from a chinese site is illegal and could be cracked down on, banning the account.
Sure some people get away with it, but that still doesn’t make it legal and is in no way a good argument for bringing in wow tokens (apart from Activision being a greedy s*** company that does anything to keep their share prices up).

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It’s Game Over and Blizzard will keep their servers alive for a small percentage of p2w simps and a huge percentage of bots.

They will need those subbing bots to pay their female coworkers, and those minor girls, after the case settles

Oof , pretty sad day for the wow community. F

See you back in TBC Phase 2 mate.

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I wish him good luck with hes new project whatever IT may be, i liked the structure and subiects of hes video, also has a nice voice, not that he will ever read this.

Anyway as for regarding normalising of opinions, i dont really care what streamers Say or do, i judge stuff out from my own experience, pov and then take a decision. For instance after wod i decidea this game isnt for me anymore so i quited, i came back but thing dont look to food for IT either, with activision trying to squize every dolar out of IT as quicly as possible.

Madseason is the only WoWtuber that I actually liked. Shame really, but burnout is inevitable.

probably less than 100 now after the migrations


A few people were and Blizzard should have just been banning them, not use a few players as an excuse to introduce P2W mechanic as a part of “the battle against bots”. Are you kidding me?

Share of what? Bot gold, aka cheating? Screw that…

Because Blizzard make the game. Players did not make the WoW token, or the level boost, or the mount store… Blizzard did, not the players. If a few people are paying for boosts, ban them! Don’t introduce it as a feature!

Blizzard are sell outs. Rather than fix a problem, they just think of a way to make money from it instead and advertise it as the next greatest thing, aka tbc boost and no doubt the token at some point.

Yup, same as dead servers. You can buy the solution, lol… Give us money, you pleb. Oh you have 3 characters you want to transfer, you have to pay for each one… I hate this company so much. If it wasn’t holding my favorite game IPs as hostage, they wouldn’t get a single dime from me.


At least the raids and dungeons are properly scripted - even the pre-BC content. That’s already more than can be said for most pservers