Farming Apexis Crystals

Are there any mobs that drop Apexis Crystals, I looked everywhere but cant find anything on this

Eh, most mobs in Tanaan Jungle drop small amounts of crystals, some elites/rares more. Here is a comment on wowhead that tells where you can get them from (sort by highest rated, first comment).


Alright thank you, i was also wondering if there’s a super easy way to get Garrison Resources

Depends. There is a really easy way if you have any gold to spend and are lazy. You can buy these from the auction house and instantly get a 1000 resources. I think the prices vary greatly depending on your realm, though.

Apart from that, you can farm rares in Tanaan Jungle/find chests (or Draenor in general), and also your garrison has a little chest that fills up to 500 resources which you can then open (doesn’t have to fill up first, it just caps at 500). Here’s a small guide on wowhead on where to get resources:


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