<=FEASTFORGED=> [A] Silvermoon EU

<=FEASTFORGED=> [A] Silvermoon EU (10/10 HC 2/10M Castle Nathria).
Recruiting for chains of damnation

Who are we?
We are a social raiding guild, forged by friendship and the desire to have all the feasts on the server.
We are a friendly guild that has fun raiding together in a fun and more casual environment.
our raiding style is casual. But our aim is always to clear heroic and as long as signups will let us we will dip our toes in mythic as well.
Our raiding days and times are catered towards people with a working schedule and/or families.
We raid on Wednesday and Monday from 20:30 to 23:00 server time.
We looking for ranged dps (mages, locks, SP, balance druids, ele shamans, hunters) Healers (resto shamans, resto druids, pala, priest, monk) and melee dps(warrior, rogue, monk, retri) and 1 tank to fill up are ranks.
If you are interested in joining our squad whisper any of the officers or recruiters.

We are still looking for people for chains of damnation raid. LF ranged and a tank

still looking for a main tank . ranged dps , healer with offspec dps

aim is still to clear hc before next patch

small update we are now at 9/10 normal SoD

still looking for ranged dps and dps with offspec healing .