Feedback about the new visual to SL spells


I wish to say the new visuals are amazing and I like them. They are showing much better the theme of the class rather than the covenant.

As a result of this change, I find it strange the damage the spells showing in the tooltip is not in line with the new visuals. For example [Shifting Power], the mage spell now appears as arcane but it still does nature damage and not arcane damage. This might confuse the people who watch the spell from other perceptions.

Another example is soul rot, the spell for Warlock. The change to visual made it more shadowy and less natural and so makes it strange to do nature damage even though it is shown as a shadow spell as a visual.

I would suggest changing the damage to what the spell represents now. If I go with the spells in the examples, Shifting power will do arcane damage and Soul rot will do shadow damage.

Please keep it in mind before releasing the patch. I will point out is if you change it the spell lock won’t differ between those shadow spell lock and or arcane spell lock.



positive feedback is always nice gj