Feedback: Alterac Valley Focused Testing

(Kaivax) #1

Once you’ve played through Alterac Valley in the Classic Beta, please post your feedback here.

Please feel free to report bugs in this thread.

Known Issues

  • The Orgrimmar Priest trainer has gone missing. (FIXED)
  • Horde Warlocks and Alliance Hunters don’t have mounts. (FIXED - players may need to make new characters)

Not A Bug

  • If you try to queue for AV as a group, you should get the “Incorrect party size for this battlefield” error.


Thank you!


I have noticed Beta & Stress Test tab in b-net launcher, however play is unavaliable. I have read on us forums the following:
“Earlier today, we made the stress test install appear on the game screen of the launcher for all players who have installed it.”
Is that possible for EU as well? I would love to spend today on classic AV, please say that its possible :slight_smile:


Update: I have noticed Install button for future live version of WoW Classic, but not for the beta :frowning: Guess I’ll have to wait, despite that I was eliglible for earlier beta testing :((