Feedback: Battleground Blitz with the Blues - Oct. 13

Our Brawl with the Blues in the new 8v8 solo-queue Battleground mode is getting underway.

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Feedback BG Blitz:
From a DPS, Fury Warrior, old-timer

(General part)
First things first, BG blitz is fun. It got some problems, but the core concept is really fun. If nothing else it taken away from my feedback, it should be: BG blitz is a fun addition to the PvP scene in WoW.

The objectives seem quick enough and the games are about the right length. Sadly I did not get to do any WSG, yet I am sure that would be the main banger. If blitz had the task of bringing more classic elements of objective based PvP into WoW, it does that job well. Some small gripes would be lack of willing defenders, as… well, standing there becomes quite boring. Yet, in a ranked scene, the gripe for doing the job will matter less. Still, perhaps give the defender something for doing it could be a good thing. Because it becomes quite boring, indeed. Punishing almost. 3 games of defence, guarding mines/light house, had me starting to watch youtube and zone out of the game.

(Class balance)
It must be mentioned, some classes clearly got some advantages in blitz. It kind of evens out in a group fight - but in blitz you also got those close and personal scenarios. In max gear, 45% versa and in dstance (20% dam reduction), rogues can stunlock you to death. A DH can wombo you. These things are a bit much - it would become very taxing.

Some focus is needed on balance aspects. As, being combowomboed to death, is only fun if you could do the same back at them.

I am certain these things will get ironed out over time.

(Healer power)
“Hello, it is me, why do you have me on ignore?”

In a group fight situation it is only natural that healers should be able to live, to be able to play and have fun themselves. Yet, when I am hammering on them for 4 min, and their health and mana doesn’t move… oh my… does it feel like I am tickling him with wetnoodles. The balance will be tricky here, as healers got to feel powerful - yet DPS should not be left to feel they can’t do anything.

As a DPS myself, I of course as you would suspect, really dislike being treated more like an annoying mosquito than a threat.

I am pretty sure the healers noticed me once in a while when they got stunned and interupted, but other than that - I am pretty sure they left me on read.

(The big shield items and other powerups)
Moving faster accross the map is a huge boon! Love it. Still, perhaps force people to dismount when attacked, trust me when I say - when I as a warrior charge and get put 6 yards off - ye, I know you know that feeling. It aint a good one. Perhaps put in a daze at least, so you can force an engagement.

Other buffs, like the good old and new, all seem fair. A welcome addition to PvP, that is just fun to have in the format.

Now, final words - Blitz is looking good, I hope it gets the attention and time needed to polish the gamemodes, then we can finally get a more ‘casual’ but intense PvP experience and get rewarded for it! :dracthyr_heart:
(without the headache of manual LFG)