Feedback: Blacksmithing

In this thread, please post your thoughts and feedback on updates to the Blacksmithing profession in the Dragonflight alpha.

Crafting many high end weapons (and armors), working on it to become better is amazing. Cant wait to see it goes live. Im actually tempted to go Blacksmithing instead of leatherworking.


The first impression that I have of the new profession system is cautiously optimistic.
I really like the unique item bonuses that have been put on a part of the armor and weapons we can craft. And I’m quite curious how the new crafting gear will affect our crafting (or if it will just be a mandatory item to get once to max out our crafting output and then never look at again).

There’s a lot more depth to crafting but the secondary crafting stats need to be implemented fully first before more specific feedback can be given about it. Nevertheless based on what’s currently testable there are some things I’d like to note as points of improvement:

  • I really think the results of a potential Inspiration crit should be made more clear. I’d love to see in the UI both what the crafted item will be without an Inspiration crit and what the crafted item will be with an Inspiration crit.
  • I think that’s especially important because the UI currently only describes how much skill you need for the best result (recipe difficulty) and what your current skill will give you. There’s no way (as far as I could find) to see how much skill points there is needed for each level between what you can currently craft and the maximum level.
  • While I do like the summary window of what you’ve crafted, I don’t always need to see it. I would prefer it’s something you can choose to open, rather than it open every single time you craft something. When you’re just looking to craft something quickly and you know what you’re going to craft it just gets annoying to have to click close on the summary again.
  • The expansion dropdown is a nice addition but I really miss the learned/unlearned tabs. I don’t need to see my unlearned recipes every time I want to craft something, it just bloats the interface.
  • Alternatively make the unlearned portion of the list remember that it was collapsed so that it doesn’t reopen every time you open your blacksmithing (or any profession really) UI.

As a final point there’s one thing that’s not testable on the alpha but I do want to raise my concern about, and that’s profitability of crafting professions. I’m on what is now a low pop realm so I have a limited amount of players to sell items to. With crafting materials becoming region wide on the AH in 9.2.7 it seems like there will be an abundance of crafting mats that far surpass the demand that’s required for crafting items that are not the absolute best quality in Dragonflight. With the crafting reagents to get to the tier 5 quality likely going to be BoP I’m worried there’ll be very little gold to be made if you don’t run high level Raids/PvP/M+ yourself.

One more note to that actually. Morgan Day recently said that you’d like professions to be a fourth pillar along side the current Raids/PvP/M+ but it seems to me that’ll be difficult to achieve if that new fourth pillar is dependent on the other pillars to be able to craft the high end gear. I understand the challenges and why you’re currently leaning that way, but maybe it’d be good to continue thinking about how much of the crafting reagents should be BoP.

Other than these points, the first impression’s good! Again, I like that you get the unique item bonuses on the epic max level gear. It would be nice if these changed from season to season so what Blacksmithing and other crafting professions can offer remains fresh throughout the expansion!