FEEDBACK: Blackwing Lair -- First Four Bosses

With the opening of this PTR, we’ve enabled updates to the first four bosses in Blackwing Lair.

Please reply to this thread with your feedback from testing:
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Thank you!

remove changes. Don´t let a retail team work on classic. add world buffs to the raids. get some million $ out of it for doing nothing.



Please add world buffs, its not just about having them in raids makes them more fun, its also about world buffs bringing the community together, please reconsider them, or atleast make a server that has them, you will see that server being the mega server very fast


The community begs for a server with world buffs, it makes the server feel more alive with Felwood PvP, Blackrock Mountain pvp among other things. Additionally it is more fun in raids, but over all its just better for the longevity of the game.


We want the worldbuffs back. Makes the game feel more alive and the raids more exciting.


just gif boofs


If you would make one server with worldbuffs enabled, the whole SoM community would reroll there in a heartbeat. The people who doesn’t want wb’s arent the ones playing the game right now and that is a fact. Imagine having the reworked raids with worldbuffs and world first races…


I feel like the changes are excessive, world buffs would just allow us to limit-test without inserting random mechanics


Make Azeroth Great Again with World Buffs, Classic/Vanilla without World Buffs isn’t Classic.


Not a very smart direction to keep making the raids harder. Already a very low percentage of the population are raiding. Constant wiping and massive consumable costs burns people out and causes an even bigger drop in the raiding population, most which was already driven away after you removed what they enjoyed the most: World buffs.

Making raids harder works for TBC, wrath and further expansions cause most your consumables persists through death or are very cheap compared to the gold you can farm. Doesn’t work well in classic and hard raids were certainly never what made vanilla popular.


please reconsider giving us world buffs, or at least create a new server that has them enabled. the game is slowly dying without world buffs


Large world pvp is dead because you take wbuffs from game.
The real classic community wants wbuffs and that are the people playing the game right now.
Consider making a new server with wbuffs and longer phase cycle and you will see $$$


The changes seem excessive. Lightning spells does not belong in BWL. People do not play classic for challenging raids, there is an arena for that, mythic retail raiding. People play classic because of the community and open world.

These types of changes drive people away from classic, leading to lower server populations. Some servers are already dying, and BWL is not even released.

Challenge can be created naturally, this happened in classic with the speedrunning and now, hardcore non-death challenges.
Please do not ruin the best MMO ever created any more than you already have. Me and many of my friends are looking for a classic-like raid experience with world buffs come the next season of mastery.


We WANT world buffs back, please consider a fresh server with world buffs enabled!

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New bosses are all cool and that but what I really want is worldbuffs, its the only thing i wanted for Xmas.


Vaelastrasz currently starts the encounter with 100% in our PTR group. Not sure if this is intended considering the first time I did this it was 60% at start.

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Chromaggus its stupidly based on RNG. If you dont get lucky with the blue debuff and have no ice to block an incinerate breath, good luck because you get insta gimped.

Very silly and questionable to make the ice Physical objects that LoS you to the Boss and tank, especially healers?

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@Blizzard what did you thought about Chromaggus ? That´s actually so bad designed almost that bad as Garr is designed. Ice blocks are barely working and no healer can heals anything

These changes are only wanted by people that do not even play the game. The entire active playerbase basically wants world buffs + no changes. Try these cool changes on retail!

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Chromag is just a random roulette of kanker abilities