Feedback: Druids

Hi long time Druid Just Thought I’d give some feedback and some ideas for the Druid class and spec trees.

I feel like Hibernate should just be baseline to the class as I’m almost sure it will never be played and become a dead talent. Which is kind of sad since i feel like it takes away from the druid classes flare. Although, I like the idea that you can just talent out of abilites you don’t need i feel like this does apply to this ability in particular.

Cyclone needs to be more accessible for ferals as its really out of the way.

Rather than changing and removing starfalls niche of the large ring around the Chicken. Add Hurricane back in the class tree and have it act how starfall did in BFA or whatever its getting changed to. Now that the Eclipse system is changing to never having to leave a certain eclipse this could give a good reason into going into solar ecplise. As well you already have a mob in ruby sanctum before the last boss who casts an ability called thudnerstorm i believe and you can just use that for the ability animation just smaller :slight_smile:

Lastly In the Resto tree Flourish and VI is not a good choice node and i feel like it could be better as flourish is almost always better apart from pvp. I have an idea to fix this by having a second choice node.

Choice node 1 - To Replace flourish in the Choice nade
Verdants infusion - Swiftmend no longer consumes a heal over time effect, and extends the duration of your heal over time effects on the target by 10 sec.
Verdants blossom - Swiftmend no longer consumes a heal over time effect, and increases the rate of your heal over time effects by 25% for 8 sec.
Choice node 2
Flourish - Extends the duration of all of your heal over time effects on friendly targets within 60 yards by 8 sec, and increases the rate of your heal over time effects by 100% for 8 sec.
Enrichment - Extends the duration of all of your heal over time effects on friendly targets within 60 yards by 8 sec, and makes all HOTs give a 9% DR or Absorbs shield.

Hello again,

I got another mastery redesign idea for resto druids that might be more interesting than my previous iterations.

Mastery Harmony - Each HoT effect increases your healing on the target by X% and over healing done by your HoTs plant a Living Seed on that target, which accumulates X% of HoT overhealing done up to X% of your max health. Living Seed will bloom and heal your target when his health falls below 100% - n*X% health. X - mastery rating, n - number of HoT effects active on the target.

So for example, you have 1 HoT on your target and 10% mastery rating. This means when your target falls below 90% health Living Seed will heal for 10% of your max health (or less, depending on overhealing done). If you have 2 HoTs Living seed will proc at 80% health. 3 HoTs - at 70% health, and so on.

Please upvote if you like this Mastery redesign idea for restoration druid.

Hello again, Feral Druids.

We have some upcoming changes to the talent tree to share with you. Thank you very much for all your feedback on the current version of the talent tree. There have been lots of thoughtful, informative posts in places like this thread and the Druid forums that really helped us understand your experiences with the tree and what you’re hoping to do with it. It’s very much appreciated.

Left Side and Right Side of the Talent Tree

We heard your feedback that the left and right sides of the tree feel too heavily weighted toward single target and AOE respectively. We like the two sides of the tree having a clear identity, but we want players to have paths to get talents they want from either side in either situation, so we’ve moved talents around to facilitate taking some talents from both sides in both ST and AOE.

Energy and Combo Points

Opening up both sides of the tree to both ST and AOE builds also let us give the two sides of the tree different flavors of resource generation. If you want to empower Tiger’s Fury and generate more combo points, those talents are on the left. If you want more Energy, there’s more of those talents on the right.

We want investing in Energy or combo points to be intentional choices players make, rather than something they pick up automatically on the way to other talents. With that in mind we moved Tiger’s Tenacity (formerly Eye of Fearful Symmetry) and provided alternative pathing options to reach Feral Frenzy and Apex Predator’s Craving.


We want Berserk to be a powerful, broadly valuable, rotation-impacting cooldown. It currently suffers in AOE because none of Feral’s AOE builders benefit from Berserk, so we updated it to make Swipe generate a bonus combo point the same way Shred does. Changes to Tiger’s Tenacity (formerly Eye of Fearful Symmetry) and the new Relentless Predator also give consistent options to players who are looking for more resources during Berserk.


We’ve made tuning changes to some talents in this revision, and while there will be more tuning to come, we want to speak to some of what we’re trying to accomplish. In general, we don’t want any talent to be so powerful or impactful that all players feel obligated to pick it. That dampens choice and build diversity. This brings us to Convoke the Spirits and Soul of the Forest.

Convoke is an extremely powerful single button to press in Shadowlands, and it remains so in Dragonflight. Its current version with Celestial Spirits is too strong for 2 talent points. Our first attempt at tuning this was to not include the cooldown reduction from Celestial Spirits, but we hear you that a 1 minute Convoke is appealing and fits well in rotations, and that the Convoke bonus in Ashamane’s Guidance is underwhelming, so we re-added it. To bring down the power of the current version, we’ve removed the ability for Convoke to cast Tiger’s Fury. There are several talents that benefit Tiger’s Fury, and removing it from Convoke allows us to keep those strong because Convoke isn’t increasing its uptime dramatically.

Soul of the Forest is a power outlier because of the massive Energy generation it provides, pushing it into “obligatory” range. We’d like investing in Energy to be something players can choose to do at multiple points throughout the tree, so we’re toning down Soul of the Forest.


Double-Clawed Rake has been moved to make it easier to pick up. Lunar Inspiration has been moved to a more natural place for a DoT cleave build. Scent of Blood’s benefit was very niche, so we replaced it with Relentless Predator, which reduces the energy cost of Ferocious Bite, to provide an energy generation option with more general value. Infected Wounds has been moved under Sudden Ambush.

New Tree Layout

Here’s the new tree layout and a list of changes in the next build:

Row 2:

  • Primal Claws (formerly Piercing Claws) moved to Row 2.

  • Primal Claws no longer grants crit. Each point now grants a 10% chance for combo point generators to generate an extra combo point.

Row 3:

  • Merciless Strikes (formerly Improved Bleeds) now increases Swipe damage against bleeding targets by 10%, down from 20%. There are other talents to boost Swipe elsewhere in the tree, and we don’t want this to be an autopick in AOE.

  • Predator moved to row 3.

  • Double-Clawed Rake moved to row 3.

Row 4:

  • Protective Growth moved to row 4. Damage reduction increased from 3% to 5%.

  • Tireless Energy moved to row 4. No longer grants haste. Points now increase maximum Energy by 30/60 and passive Energy regeneration by 10%/20%.

  • Pouncing Strikes moved to row 4.

  • Lunar Inspiration moved to row 4.

Row 5:

  • Rampant Ferocity (formerly Ferocious Frenzy) moved to row 5.

  • Berserk now causes Swipe to generate an additional combo point during Berserk.

Row 6:

  • Infected Wounds moved to row 6.

  • Dreadful Bleeding moved to row 6.

  • Relentless Predator is a new talent in row 6. Relentless Predator reduces Energy costs of Ferocious Bite by 20%. This includes both the base cost and the additional Energy that can be spent for bonus damage.

Row 7:

  • Tiger’s Tenacity (was Eye of Fearful Symmetry) changed to a 1 point talent and moved to be part of a choice node with Raging Fury (look at that choice icon!). Now causes Tiger’s Fury to grant 1 combo point after your next 3 finishers (up from 1 for your next 2 for each point).

Row 8:

  • Frantic Momentum changed to a 2 point talent and moved to row 8. Now grants a 3%/6% chance per combo point spent to increase your Haste by 10% for 6 sec.

  • Cat’s Curiosity now recovers 25% of energy cost for abilities it affects for each point, up from 15%.

Row 9:

  • Convoke the Spirits can no longer cast Tiger’s Fury.

  • Soul of the Forest now grants 3 Energy per combo point spent, down from 5.

  • Rip and Tear: Applying Rip to a target applies a Tear that deals 6% of the new Rip’s damage over 6 seconds. (Was a flat amount.)

Row 10:

  • Moved Feral Frenzy & Apex Predator’s Craving to row 10 and added some routing options.

  • Unbridled Swarm is now a single point talent and grants a 60% chance for swarms to split.

  • Ashamane’s Guidance now also reduces Convoke the Spirit’s cooldown by 50%.

Renamed Talents

  • Improved Bleeds is now Merciless Strikes

  • Ferocious Frenzy is now Rampant Ferocity

  • Eye of Fearful Symmetry is now Tiger’s Tenacity

  • Bite Force is now Lion’s Strength

Removed Talents

  • Scent of Blood

Thanks again for all of your testing and feedback. It’s especially valuable to read about the builds you create, the thoughts that go into your decisions, and what you experience when trying to build for a certain strategy.


Thank you for the Feral changes.

However you guys still really need to take a good look at the Druid class tree. The pathing options are awful, Furor and Heart of the Wild are both generally unwanted over Nature’s Vigil, and too much of their core utility that had been baseline for years have been made into talents. At the very least the talent paths to get them should be tweaked.


Insanely happy with these changes it’s moving in a really awesome direction and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to play with it further.

I don’t want to feedback on this too much until I’ve actually had practical hands on to the tree but one note I do want to include is that

Convoke is an extremely powerful single button to press in Shadowlands, and it remains so in Dragonflight. Its current version with Celestial Spirits is too strong for 2 talent points. Our first attempt at tuning this was to not include the cooldown reduction from Celestial Spirits, but we hear you that a 1 minute Convoke is appealing and fits well in rotations, and that the Convoke bonus in Ashamane’s Guidance is underwhelming, so we re-added it. To bring down the power of the current version, we’ve removed the ability for Convoke to cast Tiger’s Fury. There are several talents that benefit Tiger’s Fury, and removing it from Convoke allows us to keep those strong because Convoke isn’t increasing its uptime dramatically.

I think this section somewhat misses the mark, currently the goal when playing convoke is to always cast convoke while you have tiger’s fury up in order to prevent it from casting tiger’s fury and increasing your odds of more bites, made even more encouraged as Convoke and Tiger’s Fury naturally sync CD.

I don’t see anything in the tree currently that would change this from being the case, and in fact with Raging Fury (was Behemoth) it encourages it even more. I think if your goal is to take some of the power out of convoke the spirits which is a goal I wholeheartedly agree with you probably need to rethink this particular approach.

One further thing that I hope gets looked at that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is accessibility of utility in cat form, things like innervate and rebirth taking you out of cat (or bear this is relevant for guardian too) is not very cozy and makes it more unpleasant to use than it probably should be

Thanks for the follow up and I look forward to crafting further feedback!


Hello Restoration Druids!

We’ve made a few adjustments to the updated Restoration Druid tree based on recent feedback, and we’d like to discuss the upcoming changes you can expect to see.

Node Positioning:

We’ve changed the positioning of a few key nodes to better reflect their power level. For example, Nurturing Dormancy will be moving below Gate 2 and Rampant Growth will be moving above Gate 2. These shifts are also intended to open a few improved pathing options for builds that may have seen some pathways particularly limiting.

Final Gate:

The positioning of nodes in the final gate has changed quite a bit. Much of the same structure is in place, but there are more connections between nodes. We felt it was better to have nodes always leading you further down in this case. Unbridled Swarm has also been reduced to a 1-point node with its full effect.

Cenarius’ Guidance:

The last Not Yet Implented (NYI) spell on the Restoration Druid tree will be ready for testing in the next build. Like the Feral Druid tree, this restores the full functionality of the Celestial Spirits legendary as well as offering a bonus to Incarnation: Tree of Life depending on your choice in the preceding node.

Here’s a look at the new layout:

  • Cenarius’ Guidance. New Talent, row 9. During Incarnation: Tree of Life, you gain Clearcasting every 6 sec. The cooldown of Incarnation: Tree of Life is reduced by 1.5 seconds when Lifebloom blooms or 1.0 seconds when Regrowth’s initial heal critically strikes. Convoke the Spirits’ cooldown is reduced by 50% and its duration and number of spells cast is reduced by 25%. Convoke the Spirits has an increased chance to use an exceptional spell or ability.

We really appreciate the feedback you’ve provided. Thanks again!


Personally I think berserk sickle was great. Wish we could keep that instead of +1 pt swipes.

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Hello guys!

As I was testing Balance druid I encountered some issues with the new design of mastery. It gives a nice bonus on targets affacted by dots, but in a multy target cenario, where we deal with multyple enemies, let’s say 8 or more targets, I have to put every moonfire one by one, which means it’s 8 GCDs and no other spellcasts. With Twin Moons it’s still at least 4 GCDs which also seems awfully lot. I think a talent, which would let us put moonfire on multiple targets, or it would let us spread an existing moonfire, would let us cast less moonfire and more other spells in an aoe situation.

Also the stackable Star Fall was the funniest iteration, would be glad to see it comes back.

About the class tree I feel like there is a tons of utility, but very few spells that interacts with our DPS spells. And Nature’s Vigil is a cool utility spell, but it does not feel right as the final spell for Balance. It could be somewhere on the way, but I think somethink like Convoke would feel better, and a Balance last row talent would interact with it, the way our Night Fae Cov Legendary does on live.

The balance tree is also feels separated in the middle between Aoe and Single target, which feels good, so I can bring the right tools for the right job, but the bottom of the tree is just too many options and too many points required. I would put Elune’s Fury on the AoE side, and would make it work only like our 2 piece setbonus works on live right now. The new mastery would allow more frequent use of it which would result in more Astral Power and more Star Falls to cast and more Celestial form thanks to the Primordial Arcanic Pulsar talent. But my base suggestion here would be to dump some of the old and boring spells, and make us choose form less, but more meaningful talents.

Thanks for reading, and happy gaming to you all!

I’m just here to say i’m liking the feral changes so far so big thumbs up, but is there a possibility to be allowed to cast Rebrith in our feral forms once again? After being guardian for SL i’m feeling very handycaped having to go out of my feral form in m+ per say just to ress someone.

May i also suggest to add Leader of the Pack as a sort of utility for feral? i know it’s a PvP talent and all, but it would help out a bit with the lack of any utility that other druid classes can’t.

Also, as many have said, the Druid class tree feels very awful if i must say, Furor will just never be taken as it stands from here, and i’m seeing the same with HoTW. The fact i have to pick Hibernate as a talent don’t feel all that good, same goes with Cyclone really.


These Resto alterations seem to really free up the point cost at the bottom. Can’t wait to get in and test.
Ty for this change <3

Dear Blizzard,

i have played resto druid in arena on the beta DF-server.

Compared too shadowlands the class feels way more passiv, clunky , and depending on throuput (numbers).

We lost for example the rake stun and the roar/bash mechanic which makes rdruid even more passiv than in shadowlands.

The overlapp from verdant infusion and flourish and the lose of the swiftmend conduit will make us also weaker in a faster meta.

Please rework the talent tree once more.


Completly Agree with the Rake stun pouncing strikes should be added to the class tree to allow other specs to have the ability since its acts as pounce.

As well VI and flourish isnt a fun choice node

“Cenarius’ Guidance. New Talent, row 9. During Incarnation: Tree of Life, you gain Clearcasting every 6 sec. The cooldown of Incarnation: Tree of Life is reduced by 1.5 seconds when Lifebloom blooms or 1.0 seconds when Regrowth’s initial heal critically strikes.” Might be nice to put nourish in there

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Agreed with Yoogy, resto druid has somewhat passive gameplay. I can remember many times in arena, especially in S3 and S4, when I had 7+ HoTs on my teammate who died in 1 second from 100% to 0%. If Swiftmend on CD your teammate can still die in 1 sec burst windows. As far as testing goes in DF Solo Shuffles, it is still the same.

Honestly, I’d gladly grab double Swiftmend talent if it was a choice node with Verdant Infusion.

There is just too much burst in the game and DF brings even more burst into the playing field and in this environment HoTs have little value because they don’t heal much within 1 sec of burst windows.


A possible solution for dealing with 1 sec burst windows.
Since most of our healing comes from HoTs something similar to Monk’s stagger can be introduced for resto druids. For instance:
For targets affected by at least one of your HoTs that fall below 40% health n*X% of the incoming damage is absorbed and spread out over 4 secs. X - mastery rating, n - number of HoTs active.


After playing some solo shuffle on the beta…

You seriously need to add a serious amount of dispel protection to resto druids or straight up make the hots undispellable or add a CD to offensive dispels. Everyone’s just spamming dispel and you can’t heal.


Immediate thoughts are that first tree section (8 point gate) is still overloaded and imbalanced, making protective growth and lunar inspiration too expensive. Some questionable pathing possible as well (e.g. ToW without PW or just not picking PW in general). The change towards resource management sounds very nice though.

I’d suggest adding the extra Swipe CP to Pouncing Strikes, making that baseline and cleaning up Berserk to say “Pouncing strikes is active” or similar. PS feels a bit too mandatory without having great value outside of berserk considering its placement. Predator fit there much better, defining the default way that feral deals with short lived enemies.

Primal Claws doesnt even sound fun because it’s too much RNG and will often be wasted with new extra CP generation effects on berserk and more accessible Symmetry (now Tiger’s Tenacity). It would probably be better as a one pointer granting ~10% crit to generators and swapping places with Protective Growth. The extra CP from crits would help ST feel smooth with bad gear while being easily replaced with Protective Growth in high end content. It would also create a 2-3 target specialization for Swipe via significantly increased CP generation (while not mattering much vs 4+ enemies), directly competing with LI/double rake on the other side of the tree.

I preferred Tireless Energy to be more about the maximum energy, e.g. to smooth out (lack of) SotF+Apex procs or make ramp up/down time less of an issue. The energy regen feels too strong and simple for the otherwise playstyle oriented first section.

something like this

The other sections are very nice and even without any improvements feral may be one of the best spec tree atm with legitimate playstyle choices and situational adjustments.


Very true. Resto druids desperately need some purge protection on a CD. I mentioned this numerous times to no avail. I think Invigorate can be slightly modified to give a short time purge protection:
Invigorate - Places Invigorated buff on your target, which makes your HoTs complete their healing 100% faster and make them immune to purge effects for 8 secs.

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The latest feral changes are looking very good indeed. I particularly like the clear division between energy and combo points. It’s something that I felt was needed, and should satisfy both sides of the feral community - those who seek faster paced gameplay and those who prefer the current slower pace. On a personal level, I love the idea of being able to pick one or the other depending on how I feel at the time.

I need to get a feel for how it is to play before I give more detailed feedback, but since the Convoke casting Tiger’s Fury issue has already been raised, my first thought is that the changes are good. If the goal is to make TF more powerful in DF than it currently is in SL, restricting its uptime in ST while enabling it to be at (or close to) 100% in AOE is another move towards strengthening feral’s AOE without making us OP in ST.

However, IF that’s the goal, I wonder if the Predator and Raging Fury talents need to be looked at because it seems they will provide very high uptime even without resets from adds dying or an extra cast per minute from Convoke.

I also disagree with Guilty over it being a bad thing that Convoke is powerful. Looking at its position as the capstone talent in the ‘premium’ spot in the centre of the tree (shared with Incarn, and I’ve commented numerous times about Incarn’s relative weakness), it seems that it’s intended to be powerful, and a big points investment. Of all the capstone talents, it’s the only one that requires a specific 3-point path to reach it (all the others have multiple paths). To me, that screams ‘powerful talent - costly investment’.

Also, my feeling is that it’s only bad that Convoke is powerful in SL because it locks us into a single covenant and denies us the key choice that was supposed to be the selling point of SL. A single powerful talent doesn’t do that - since we’ll be taking Survival Instincts anyway, it just locks us into a 2-point haste node that some of us will love and others will stare at and wonder if they really want Convoke that much.

Of course the best way to mitigate Convoke’s power is to rework Incarn to make it its equal. :slight_smile:


The recent tree update looks great, and I can’t wait to play with it and give some real feedback - some quick points …

  • Spreading out AoE vs ST is a big win, glad that this was revisited
  • Removal of SoB is interesting, it was always a bit of a meh talent
  • Lunar Inspiration is in a bit of an odd spot, as even though I fully agree with the reasoning of it being a cleave talent in PvE, in PvP it’s a great rot-build enabler, and having it behind Double-Clawed Rake is awkward for PvP, could possibly do with swapping it with Protective Growth
  • Speaking of Protective Growth I still see no reason to ever take this
  • Personally not a fan of Swarm and wish it’d just be deleted, but it now being a 2-point investment is a good move for it
  • Love the “Energy” vs “Combo Points” angle, I think that could be quite refreshing
  • Sad to see that there’s still no real group/raid utility or reason to bring Feral outside of the Class elements, which leaves us at the hands of tuning and community perception, which Feral has strongly suffered with in the past

I think it’s time to address Incarnation - as an ability it is incredibly weak and a shadow of an ability vs what the other Druid specs get out of it. Currently there is no way you pick it over Convoke and the Auto Attack proc makes it even more strange, as it’s effectively a weaker Sudden Ambush.

My suggestion, would be to move the 20% energy reduction into baseline Berserk, and make Incarn Ravenous Frenzy from Venthyr Legion covenant. Ravenous Frenzy was a really good fun and thematically Feral ability that Feral never got to use in Shadowlands because of how weak it was, if it replaced Incarn it’d …

  • be thematic (it even has a pic of a cat on the image … I think)
  • work with HotL so not held back as a 3m CD
  • give something that’d compete with Convoke
  • give us a chance to play with a cov ability that we did not touch throughout Shadowlands

Another option would be take do something similar with Incarn that Blood of the Enemy brought to Feral, as Feral is all about big crits, a Crit Damage amplifier could be fun and would make those AA procs a little more interactive, as you could somewhat pool for them to make use of the proc’

Generally though, if the tree went live as it is now I’d still be super happy, as the jump from iteration to iteration is really great

Would love to see a revamped Class tree now too


This would be awesome. I so wanted Venthyr feral to be good. If they did it, they’d need to remove the penalty for not casting, though, as it would unfairly punish combo point builds for needing time to pool energy.

Blood of the Enemy would also be good.

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Hey all back for another feral update review,

I think to start off with is that i think the tree is in a spot where it looks good just gotta be able to play with it to get a feel if it actually is good at this point.

Some noteable topics

  • Talents becoming more interesting is good example being: Primal Claws, its more interesting then 2 % crit
  • Connections throughout the tree feel solid with one of the only places for extra connection node would be from survival instincts to Cats curiousity and Carniverous instinct (although as the tree is atm i don’t think it would be needed)
  • Synergies are more aligned in the tree a rake synergy behind sudden ambush and a bite one behind taste for blood make sense and feel better
  • Adressing beserk in AoE vs ST with the generators working similiary is a huge up for AoE CD usage
  • Swarm being a 2 pointer is good for those who want to opt into it
  • The tree overall feels very choice vs gameplay heavy (depending on tuning it might even stay that way)

Noteable topics that might be able to get more change

  • Convoke vs Incarn i think this is a topic that comes around a lot and the ‘power creep of convoke’ one thing that is important to note between the DF itterration and the SL one is that we losing Niya which increases our mastery (for most ferals) with 1/3 the amount of mastery we have making our finishing moves massively strong. I think that in the state its going into DF its gonna be fine (still weaker to its previous itteration and thats okay) on the other hand incarn has lost its value a while back when they made beserk do what incarn did and incarn do what beserk did. I think its either time to make incarn a bit newer and stronger on the list or to change it nummerically to be stronger its just weak compared to beserk, most ferals would not really feel a need or reason to go into incarn without it having some more meaningful effect like increasing bleed dmg, making bleeds function like an empowered bleed or even having some kind of ‘feral shadow image’ which copies its feral movements (with the text of the feral is that fast you see double the amount of ferals)
  • Feral utility, where tons of people are screaming their lungs of for LoTP i am a bit against adding in a feral specific buff, having feral specific utility or stuff that other classes also can do to some degree (Shroud / some kind of mass aoe slow / group leech / cats roar (Heroism on cat) / cats cry (rallying cry) ) sounds more reasonable and appealing, I think that feral should get more utility in forms of temporary active changes rather then have a permanent group buff which is gonna force group/raid spots
  • Protectice growth support, this talent might be more interesting if its like 5 - 10 % dmg reduction on any target its casted on rather then just feral. Think the issue more or less is that you don’t want to make it too strong of a DR but at the same time it being a 5 % DR only for ourselves IF we cast regrowth on ourselves makes it a bit of a controversial topic.
  • Druid class tree, can’t stress it enough that for not just feral but all druids this tree is not feeling good and could require a bigger overhaul (more connections less 3 point nodes, utility more reachable for all classes beside spec specific ones like Innervate, and more playstyle orientated feel for it rather then stats/dmg buffs)

Overall Opinion
I think Feral is reaching a good spot and the tree itself is looking better each time a new itteration comes around. I think that feral is at the moment playable to good levels with its tree. With more nummerically and some slight gameplay assests to focus on.

Feral is having a solid tree just some more minor changes and its ready to be shipped design wise (just nummerically might need some adjustments)

Edit - made an update on the convoke thing its about 400 mastery which is about 1/3 not double