Feedback: Leatherworking

In this thread, please post your thoughts and feedback on updates to the Leatherworking profession in the Dragonflight alpha.

Ok here is my Feedback and unfortunaly it is very short, but that is also a product of what I am complaining about.

I have skinning already at max skill and if i could just obtain more skinning points i would already be at skinning skill of 300. AND NOW THE BIG BUT, BUT i am only able to skill Leatherworking to 3 … yes 3 there is no 0 missing … not 30 … just 3!

So i hope you see the problem. The big problem is that even for all of the starters recipes you need green and blue rare items that drop just every 50 mobs … i farmed this rockfang tigers for 30 mins and got 7 rockfang leather so i could get finaly 3 skillpoints for leatherworking … and yea i used the elusive creature bait that i can craft with skinning when i have 10 of this maybe meat.

So my suggestion is: PLEASE bring on some starter recipes that only need basic leather like Adamant Scales and Resilient Leather. It is realy realy realy unfun to skin like 350 mobs and can only create 3 low items that you only craft for skilling the profession.


I agree, the amount of leather needed and the little drop of blue and green materials is absurd. Maybe we’ll hit max level at 10.1…


because some baby cried about one word in my post here after my suspension from the forum the post again, so the dev can see the relevant feedback (for crying baby with this one word blured):
addendum: after more days of spending time into farming the auctionhouse, what acutaly means i nonstop copy chars from live servers to get massively amout of gold because every single leather costs 100k - well but that is an other problem on beta - i finaly made it to get to leatherworking skill 12/100 … ähm yea i think you see the problem. YOU NEED A ******* LOT LEATHERS TO SKILL. I even run out of the common leather (Resilient Leather) easyly fast. Getting one to two leathers per mob skinned but need 30 leather for at least one item ends up in a mess. Please adjust this.

Ok, Ive testing this profession, among others, and this one is a mess. In 15 days playing the beta, around 10 hours of them dedicated to get the materials to improve leatherworking, I have improved my level in a total of 0 levels, i do not know if the issue is leatherworking or skinning, but that cannot reach live in this state, or the backlash is going to be legendary. I do have hundreds of scales and leathers… and I cannot use any of them for anything, because the drop of rare materials for the first objects is so abismally low, I do not even know yet which mobs drop about half of them. I have not been able to craft a single leatherworking item, in 15 days, 10 full hours in 15 days used only in skinning one mob after another to try and get the mats, no way to get them. And one thing is to make it harder once you get to the specializations, but to not be able to even reach that point is terribly frustrating.

I suggest to increase the drop chance for the rare materials… a lot, or reduce the crafting materials for the initial crafted items to something more rational.


I agree with the ppl above skilling leatherworking is a joke - at least increase the droprate of green stuff or delete some green requirements in those recipes.

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This is me, a long-time veteran and roleplayer, asking for having the restrictions removed on the leatherworking tents that are already in live (from WoD).

Even leveling leatherworking with the beta vendor and having infinite mats felt really hard. The time a player would have to spend in order to craft a m0 item, will be comparable to the time a player would have to spend in order to run all the m0 dungeons twice

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